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How You Can Become a Reasonable Consumer

Being a responsible and reasonable consumer can lead you to buy less and differently, thus helping to take care of the planet’s resources. Being a reasonable consumer is more than a fad; it is a powerful idea and way of life. Nowadays, you have more options for where and from whom you buy, as well as a deeper understanding of how the items you consume are made. This gives you the option to be responsible and choose one of the better options.

Every year, we have the well-known Black Friday in the United States. It is a practice that has become common during the holiday weekend, the last one before the arrival of Christmas.

Honestly, it is an economic exercise that year after year I see pass without shame or glory, since for me consumption is more an aspect of necessity than of offers per se. So this year on this particular subject I will only make the following judgment, it is good because it aims to reactivate the national economy through partial payments of goods and it is bad if you consider yourself a compulsive buyer.

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On this second point will be what I will write about today, there are different types of people, but there is a common effect in many of us and that is that we have weakness about certain types of things, this acquisitive weakness prevents us from seeing the environment clearly. The disproportionate acquisition is a problem that involves a lot of factors, unforeseen expenses, frustration, regret and emotional decompensation.

In my opinion, this is reason enough to start an analysis of our consumption system, yes, as you read it, consumption can be systematized so that it does not generate all these feelings in you.

If you have already fallen into temptation and you are in the stage of regret for everything you bought and will pay for with your next Christmas bonus, here is how to become a responsible consumer.

Minimalism teaches us that we should not acquire more things than we need, it is about learning to live with what we really occupy and not saturate our spaces. In the process we must learn certain rules that will help us keep our goals clear and firm, the following are some ideas that will help you improve very specific aspects of your consumption habits.

Before buying:

Check well the things you already own, in many cases what you have already adequately satisfies the need you are looking to cover.

Verify that what you want to buy is something you really need, sometimes by following a trend, you create in your mind a false need that you must learn to identify.

Look for the reason that is driving you to make the purchase you have in mind and do not rush into justifications, often our reptilian brain, the one that acts on impulse, leads us to make decisions on aspects that we usually regret later.

Analyze your finances to know if what you are planning will not bring you financial headaches tomorrow, that same reptilian and consumerist brain will deprive you of the benefit of properly rationalize your expenses, never dispose of money you do not have yet.

Take a time out before buying, this is extremely important in the process of analysis prior to the decision to buy something, let a few days pass, live normally, do not think about what you say you want, check if after about five days, you are still interested or if the need you say has increased.

In case you have decided to end up buying what you need, the first stage is over, then we come to the next phase.

During the buying process:

Make a comparative between the different options in the market, no matter how much you think you need to buy a certain product of a certain brand, give yourself the opportunity to search and research properly.

Compare prices in different establishments, do not rush with the first one you see, make your purchase reasoned and convenient for you and your pocket.

Be patient, many times the product you want will go down in price if you let a few more weeks go by, or if someone can bring it to you from somewhere else, if you have this possibility, explore it calmly.

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Pay in cash, it is very easy to make purchases and spend money when you only do it with the power of your signature, but if you force yourself to pay in cash you will feel stronger the process itself and it will make you value what you have just acquired.

Avoid promotions to months without interest or payments in installments, the truth is that it is not a promotion that supports you in any way and when you accumulate several, you start to have many other pressures that you do not need.

After the purchase process:

You will have to make room for what you have just acquired, then you will have to apply the technique that one goes in and one comes out, which means that from what you already own you have to choose something and let it go. This will help you to have only those things you really need and to make a commitment to yourself to take care of what you own and let go of what you don’t need.

Accept the consequences of your actions and do not start to regret what you have done, if you have taken all the precautions I have mentioned then you will have gone through several filters that will help you to make the right choice and let go of what you do not need.

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What are the Benefits of Reasonable Consumption

There are many benefits of reasonable consumption. Here are few of those.

Social Equality

When you purchase Fair Trade items, you are helping to create a more balanced environment for everyone on the world.
Gender equality, access to clean water, a dignified existence, reasonable salaries, the absence of child labour, and other activities aimed at enhancing the social economy are all part of this trade model.

Economic Savings

Responsible utilization of water and electricity, for example, is connected to cost savings. Saving water and energy is a necessary chore that we must complete, and it not only benefits our wallets but also helps to maintain our world.


As a conscientious consumer, you have a lower environmental impact. You can help safeguard the planet’s finite natural resources by reducing, recycling, and reusing. According to the most recent Nielsen poll data, consumers are more concerned about sustainability than ever before. Millennials are leading the shift toward sustainable products, according to this report, and are more than twice as likely to make decisions based on environmental effect.



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