How will you find Food in the Desert?

How will you find Food in the Desert? If you find yourself in the middle of a desert with little or no Food in the Desert is difficult because a desert is rare in plants and animals.

Water is the most important concern because you can survive for three weeks without food.

However, it is a good idea to investigate desert life to find out what is safe and what is not safe to eat since you could face it when making a trip to a desert.


Look for cactus fruits and legumes, which are usually safe to eat. Avoid plants with milky sap and bitter taste.

Before eating, touch the part of the plant with your outer lip for about three minutes to see if it burns or itches.

Keep it stuck to your tongue for about 15 minutes to check a reaction.

Chew a little portion of the plant part well for about 15 minutes without swallowing it, to test a reaction again.

Swallow the food if there are no reactions to any of the tests. Wait eight hours to check if your stomach reacts to food. If it does, it induces vomiting and drinks a lot of water. Else, eat 1/4 cup of the plant and check the reactions for eight hours before determining that it is safe to eat it.

Animals and insects

Eat reptiles, which provide protein and are quite easy to drink. Wash your hands well and cook the reptile before eating it since they could have salmonella. The only venomous lizards are the Gila monster and the Mexican bearded lizard.

It hunts insects since they are rich in protein and fat and are the most necessary nutritional elements for survival.

Do not hunt animals for meat if you have no experience because hunting is difficult and a lot of energy is spent. Try to learn some simple traps and baits instead (see resources).


Do not eat if you have little water. Eating will increase your need for water to digest food and you can survive longer without food than without water.

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Food habit of people living in Desert

Desert food is palatable and healthy; the favorite dishes of these tribes are curdled milk from mares and camels, which in Turkey is called yogourt; the dish consisting of rice, perfectly cooked, with some pieces of ram, kid or chicken.

When the Arabs make a big feast in the middle of the desert, they roast a ram or a whole goat on top of stones flushed by fire. They find the hard biscuits, ring-shaped, called kak, very tasty, prepared specially by them, which they give the name of GUI.

When the Arabs have to carry water, they do it in large leather vessels, which they manufacture with the entire skin of a sheep or a goat.

The coffee that the Arabs taste with special fruition has no equal in the world. The coffee was taken to Arabia from Abyssinia, around 1400, by a pilgrim, whose grave, which is in Yemen, is the object of worship; The seeds planted in this region produce the famous Moka coffee.

The main food of the desert peoples is the date, and the most precious plant that grows in these countries is the palm that produces it, one of the most slender and graceful trees in the world.

Desert Arabs eat a lot of wild honey and when they can feed on lobsters; They also consider the lizards, who live among the stones, to be a delicious dish, and do not disdain the jerboa, a species of a desert rat.

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