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How To Survive Man-Flu

My One-and-Only started experiencing the first symptoms of “man flu” and decided that means he is dying. Yes, tickle in a throat equals dying. This means that for next week or so, I’ll be on a verge of killing or leaving the love of my life. Honestly, it can go either way and I am sure that no judge will find me guilty. 

I’m not leaning towards any of these choices, all possibilities are currently open. We’ll just have to wait and see how the week goes. In order for both of us to survive this hellish week, I have devised a great plan which I am happy to share with you.

1. Get your nurse on

You need to make sure that everything he might need is ready before he even thinks about asking for it. More ready you are, the sooner this hell will be over. During my long history of a girlfriend, and now the wife of a whiny hypochondriac I have found it useful to keep a large supply of food and tea ready.

At least when he is eating or drinking, he is not complaining. And, best of all is that when you put everything he needs beside him, you won’t have to move a muscle for a while. You will need tea, medicine, natural remedies, fruit and soups for your man, and a large bottle of wine and box of chocolate for you. You deserve a reward.

2. Keep him occupied

Every time my One-and-Only gets “man flu” I try to keep him as occupied as I can, so he would leave me alone. You wouldn’t believe how effective some new series or game can be. Last time he was sick, I made sure his laptop is charged and put on Vikings. He left me alone whole week. I just had to bring tea occasionally, and that was it. Best “man flu” period ever.

This time i bought a new game for Playstation. The one I would also love. Hey, just because he is “suffering” it doesn’t mean I can’t have some fun during the process. Use every card in your arsenal if you want to survive this without casualties.

3. Use every moment possible to get some peace and quiet

You know how they say to young mothers, when the baby is sleeping the mom should sleep also. Well, the same goes for the situation when your guy is overrun with “man flu”. Relax when he is relaxing. This will help you to control your urge to kill him. Best thing I ever bought is a good set of headphones which I put on every time I need some peace and I want to muffle his whining. Ignoring can do you so much good.

4. Put him on quarantine

Sure, it will keep his germs confined, but it will also keep his wailing, coughing, and theatrical heaving out of earshot.

5. Ask him for anything you want.

My love is awfully sleepish every time he gets sick especially when I give him medicine. I use this as much as I can. He will agree to anything when he is in this condition. I think that it should be expected that we get something in return for putting up with this. I love me some Amazon.

 6. Get revenge

Once he is better, it is time to start thinking about getting your revenge. Next time you get flu, headache or even a paper cut, make it look like you are dying and force him to take care of you.

Whatever you do, don’t forget your mantra. I will get over it. I will survive. I will reward myself with new and beautiful shoes. Choose whichever you like the most. I use all three of them.


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