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How to Seize the Day the Simple Way

Adopted by and quoted avidly (like here) by the motivational industry, its essence is to go make things happen….now!

Don’t wait for tomorrow. No putting things off. Procrastination over. Today is THE day. Go for it. Seize your dream and run with it. Life doesn’t wait and neither should you.

Trouble is this makes everyday an activity filler. A go-getter type of day lived full on, helter skelter paced full up of tasks to complete or goals that must clearly have been moved towards. That’s plain tiring. And plain silly.

To truly seize the day is to get it back and make it yours. To enjoy it. To stop the eternal desire for more and the want, want, want culture. Get control back by taking it easy. Where relaxation replaces vexation. Here are some way to achieve just that.

Switch off

If you are to completely switch off you have to completely switch off. Being connected to every gadget imaginable is hardly the stuff of contentment. Being plugged into an electrical radiated grid via mobiles, laptops, i-phones is frazzling. Forever available to the world as texts, e-mails and phone calls flood in won’t calm any mind. Switch them off so you can do the same. Connect instead to replenishing your energy naturally. Relax, settle, let go.


Slow Down

It is 100% accurate that we are called the human race. We race here, we race there, all at breakneck speed. Chasing our tails. Competing. Being ahead of the other guy. From work to play to exercise its all undertaken at world record pace. Learn from nature and take your foot off the accelerator. In nature the animals that move the slowest live the longest. A la the tortoise. To be here tomorrow be hare today. Slow it up and live longer and begin to appreciate more.

New Pathways

As you take the chill pill your eyes will open to newer ways of doing things. Dumping the freeway leads to a fresher way. Go a different route. Explore untried paths. Attempt new skills. Be curious about life. Have a go at activities that are different. Push your own envelope to look at life from another angle. Do things you haven’t before. Look for options and opportunities. Try bell ringing. Travel to Estonia. Enroll for an evening course in macrame. Walk in Scotland every winter. Follow a new star It will surprise you. It might make you.

Personal Moments

It’s busy, busy, busy out there. Plenty needs doing. Jobs, chores, responsibilities. Most often other peoples. Errands for the house. Stuff for the kids. Bills to pay, shopping to do. Ferrying the family around like a taxi cab. Seize the initiative and insist on some personal time. Insist to yourself. Moments purely for you. Fix it – say 30 minutes every other day. And stick to it! To rest. To unwind. To refresh. To be with you. Because you deserve it.


Big goal hitting can be impersonal. A lonely journey following a dream whose importance only you know. Seizing the day the simple way means sharing life. Simple everyday life. Going for a coffee in the park. Chatting to the neighbors. Ringing a friend you’ve not seen for a while to catch up. A weekend away with the family by the seaside. Meals together. Spending time with Mum and Dad for no reason. There is no reason not to share your day with people who are such a major part of it. The ones who fill them up and your heart with it.

Carpe diem then to the take-it-easy brigade. A life well lived is lived well. Well means healthy and a picture of health. That picture is the view you notice when you seize the day the simple way.

How do you seize the day in the simplest way? Love to hear from you.


I’m a writer, new mom and foodie. I love sharing what I know while making others feel beautiful. On this blog, I share my healthy lifestyle, simple meals, fitness tips and experiences.

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