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Sometimes, in between feeding my 5 month old and changing her poopy diapers, I get inspired to create a DIY project that I actually wanna “D”.

Instead of creating something for myself, I was inspired to make something special for Aria. Something unique just for her, y’know?

That’s when the light bulb turned on…

{How to Make an Easy Baby Blanket}

Exclusive Blog Post Bonus:Click Here to print a free tutorial to keep with you while you make your own blanket!


1. Select 2 pieces of fabric of your choice.

I used 100% cotton for both to make a light blanket. I got the first piece of fabric from Walmart. I just picked up a full size fitted sheet in white. I got the second piece custom made from Zazzle where I uploaded a picture from my phone and chose a dark pink background to be printed on the fabric. Omg, super easy. Oh! And the shipping literally took like 5 days which is SUPER GOOD considering I live in Hawaii where shipping prices are ridiculously higher OR companies just flat out don’t ship to Hawaii. I know my Alaska friends can relate. {Shout out to the 907!}


2. Layer the fabric on each other with the “front” sides facing each other.

Cut the flat sheet so that it’s the same size as the other sheet. You’ll be sewing the pieces together like this to hide the excess fabric. If you’re a newbie, this will make sense in a bit. Just trust me.


3. Pin both pieces of fabric together.

I placed each pin about 6 inches away from each other, and approximately 1 inch away from the edges. Tip: The pins should be to the left of where you’ll be sewing… ask me how I know.


4. Sew along the outside of the pins, leaving about a 7 inch gap at the end.

I used a basic zigzag seam because I just felt it would increase the quality of the blanket when thrown in the wash and stuff.


5. Flip the blanket inside out by putting your arm through the gap and carefully pulling the fabric through.


6. Finish it off by closing the gap.

Um, I touched something on my sewing machine and it started making the thread all funny so… I don’t have a picture for you.

I love how it turned out! Sometimes when I have the blanket laying in her crib, it tricks me because it looks like she’s actually laying down in there! Anyway, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. I feel so… domesticated. =P I recommend washing and ironing any material you use prior to sewing to get out any shrinkage. I, on the other hand, was so excited to get this blanket started that I skipped the washing part and went straight to sewing! It’s kinda difficult to do a project with a demanding infant on your hands, but hey, when your heart is set on something, you find a way to geterdone!

If you’d like to print these instructions in a printer-friendly format, please click here to access it!

*Disclosure: The custom fabric was provided by Zazzle for a review. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way. Please see my disclosure page for more information!

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