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As many of you know, I’ve decided to write online content and see where it takes me. I have a goal to reach 1500 articles. It sounds like a lot, but when you enjoy writing, it can be quite fun. My first site that I started at was Examiner pays you for page views, quality of audience, and you get bonus local pay per article that involves your city.

I’m the Davenport Child Care Examiner, and now the Davenport Frugal Living Examiner. Writing on there has been okay. I haven’t had a payout yet, but I think I made the payout amount (they don’t include local bonus pay on your file) for next payment date. Their pay isn’t the greatest. At first, I worked my butt off and wrote 45 articles in like two weeks, but after not seeing very much pay from them, even though I was a top examiner for our city, I’m not going to invest too much time and energy on that site. I really haven’t promoted them very much either, so that may be the problem. Here are some of my articles over there:

Free Memorial Day Ideas and Coloring Sheets, Games and Patriotic Printables

Kid-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Daycare Providers

Lately, I’ve been focusing on my Associated Content work. They pay per page views and have upfront pay option (plus performance pay). I have 29 articles over there and am just about ready to turn over to Clout 4-they have a “clout level” that’s 1 though 10. The higher Clout level you are, the more pay per performance and higher pay for assignments. I’ve read articles on there about reaching Clout 7 in 6 months, so I must not be doing too bad if I’m already at 4 in a little over a month! Do you write poetry or short stories? Why not get paid for them? Associated Content even has a category for these topics! Just think, you write them anyway, why not get paid for all the page views you get for them?

Associated Content has been the most profitable for me so far. I have been accepting assignments and getting paid for them and turning in articles for upfront pay, which haven’t been too bad offers! Here are some of my high page view articles:

How to Lose Weight Without Going on a Diet

How to Plan a Graduation Party: Five Questions to Ask Yourself First

Getting Rid of Ants Naturally with Home Remedies

I was also accepted at Demand Studios. This place scares me (lol). They are very strict-which they should be-and I’ve been afraid of getting yelled by them. You need to find three assignments before moving to the next level, I do believe. They pay an upfront payment, but the pay for articles run between $15-$20. Not bad in article world. A good place to get advice on your writing from editors, but they will kick you out if you continually write badly. Ouch!

My last place is Hubpages, but I haven’t worked with my hubs too much yet. I do have plans, but haven’t had time yet. My hubs that I have so far are these:

How to plan an eco-friendly wedding

How to save money on your wedding flowers

Do you have to be an experienced writer to write content? No. If you write fairly well, you could do it. Especially with Associated Content. I’ve seen some writers with even poor writing skills have high page views. Now, I’m not saying that you could write like crap and still make it. These people probably don’t get upfront offers, because they are strict about the quality of articles. I have tested them to see how they rate and received lower offers on some articles because it didn’t meet their guidelines.

Have I got your curiosity going? If you are thinking of joining any of these sites, I would appreciate you using my referral links below. Seriously, this IS a lot of fun!

If you join before May 31st and submit an article before then, you get entered in their drawing for an iPad! Plus, they offer you high upfront bonuses your first couple of weeks there to get you motivated to write.

Write for
Please use my id number for referral: 43610

Tips on saving money on your wedding cake
Hubpages referral link.

Ok, now go sign up and have fun with it!


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