How to gain weight for teenage guys

Hey Guys!! Today we are going to discuss How to gain weight for teenage guys. There are some home Remedies to make you know How to gain weight for teenage guys. There are different ways to gain weight but it should be a healthy way there should not be any problems in the future.

Some people think by eating fried, roasted and junk food can increase your weight. But this is very harmful to your health. It will increase the extra fat on your body.

So by following the below home remedies and health tips you can gain weight in a healthy way. How to gain weight for teenage guys

 Banana, Milk, Raisins, Cardamom

Banana = contains calories, carbohydrates, calcium, and Potassium, Which gives us instant energy and also increases our weight.

Milk = contains rich amount of protein that grows our body muscles fast.

Raisin = contains a fatty acid, soluble dietary fiber, vitamin and minerals which promotes our health.

Cardamom = increases our immune system and also improve our digestive system.

The following is the procedure of making delicious food to instant weight gain.

First, take a glass of milk, cut two banana and put it in and add two teaspoon raisins. Prepare a shake of it. If you do not have a mixer grinder, and staying away from home, then first you eat two bananas, then drink a glass of milk and two spoon raisins. After eating it, you have to eat cardamom and chewing it for a long time. These are weight gain diet 

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This will make your digestive system strong and all these things will be digested instantly.

Along with this, there are some health-related tips that will increase your weight faster. Nutrition for weight gain

Whenever you do breakfast and lunch, this time interval between them eats sprouted of pulses, eat two eggs two or three hours before dinner. And if you are a vegetarian then you can eat cheese or soybean.

Eat food on time and eat enough food.

Along with food do exercises, the food that is in your body absorbs the essential nutrients from the exercise and it will help in your digestive system.

Get enough sleep and do not drink tea or coffee immediately after eating.

Drink a glass of milk before sleeping. Follow this home remedy and tips regularly, your weight will definitely increase.

If you are a skinny guy that no matter how much you eat you just can’t seem to put on muscle. Nutrition how are you going to help us hard gainers with nutrition you know what I think that is a great point and to not include something on that was the disservice on it but I gotta warn you this is going if you want to eat big if you want to get big you got to eat big right that’s it that’s what they say.

That is flat-out only about a quarter of the equation because they’re leaving out one big thing guys and that is  you better have quality first and then worry about quantity because if you’re going to sit there and eat a diet full of crap you know what you get out of it crap right it shouldn’t out that’s what happens that’s how it works.

Best weight gainer

If you want to build an impressive body you better start focusing on more impressive nutrition because of worst junk food eat the cupcakes for lunch. You can’t expect to put in crap and get out diamonds it’s not the way it works.

Focus on quality nutrition first and if you’re not going to focus on quality it doesn’t matter what the quantity consumed up to five and six thousand calories a day and guess what they couldn’t put on muscle. Nothing to do with the number of calories are providing themselves it was garbage all garbage your body can’t do anything with that nothing productive.

You focus on the quantity only after the quality is in place first guys you can’t bully your body nutritionally it doesn’t work that way you can in some degree it with your workouts.   Either train hard or train long but you can’t do both you got to train hard you got to try to bully your body that way but you cannot bully your body nutritionally.

Nutrition for weight gain

There are too many intricacies going on nutritionally that will prevent that hormonal e that’s one of the biggest things. Issues and problems that make it that much harder to build muscle like the responses to sugar can be much different the responses to protein in your body right in nature gnomically.

An impact on gene expression and protein synthesis your body’s ability to build muscle from its very constituents that are going to be impacted because of the quality of the stuff that you put in your body and don’t think that turn into supplements is going to be your savior.

Two big problems when guys do that number one they over specialize they’re looking at testosterone boosters and it’s guys innate your problem seriously testosterone boosting a lot of hard gainers are young kids.

You got more testosterone floating around your body. You’re not being limited by your test. You can’t keep your mouth closed when you’re around cupcakes.

Start carbohydrates in the morning like oatmeal because you prefer to have Lucky Charms. Some of these foods out there they not saying those are the only things you can do there are so many good tasting foods out there guys just start to extend your plates.

How to gain weight for teenage guys

Start to try different things that you know are healthy. You will find foods that you like Start to expand your palates and start to try different things and try them in their natural States.

They actually taste really good you’ll find some that you like. Weight gain or supplements guess what the problem is there it’s all sugar what do you think all those calories those weight gainer sixty-five hundreds in those weight gainer. Five thousand where you think all that stuff comes from it’s all garbage it’s all sugar sugary crabs.

So if you’re hard gainer you cannot put on muscle mass you got to start eating a lot more. Established the base of quality first once you’ve got that then, by all means, increase the quantities of foods that you’re eating. If you’re not seeing muscle mass and muscle gains increase the quantity of the same foods the same quality foods that you’re eating just eat bigger portions of them each and every meal start with one meal. Then go to your snacks and increase the size of those if you can tolerate that go to your lunch and start increasing the size of that. You’ll see it’s a gradual process and you’re going to start to see some muscle gains.

You guys are looking for a complete workout program a completely sound nutrition system that works that’s based on eating quality nutrition, not bland guys that program will tell you it tastes good very good but quality nutrition.

Exercise Gain Weight

Guys step-by-step you can find it over at in the meantime.

Exactly what to focus on in your workouts if you don’t want to be skinny anymore and the first thing that just gets your ass to the gym now it’s not about telling you to start working out you already know that you’re probably already doing that get yourself to the gym face your fears remember.

You may be a little nervous to go to the gym because you’re afraid of the ridicule being the skinny guy you look around you see all these guys lifting heavy weights grunting groaning intimidating you’re sitting there holding 20-pound dumbbells in your hands that you’re not going to measure up to them.

You know what guys screw that and screw them because anybody at the gym that would ridicule you for the ways that you’re lifting has no bearing on you and number it doesn’t even deserve your concern because that’s a dick nobody who’s been where you’ve been at all of us have started somewhere and most guys in the gym are going to respect your pursuit.

They’re going to respect the fact that you’re there despite health in you might  do what you need to do to change that and you that right away that 99% of the guys that maybe you think are intimidating are probably respecting the at you because they know what you’ve been through if they’ve been there themselves they know more than that but the idea is make yourself accountable face your fears unless you have to work out at home for a particular reason then get there.

Groups your chest your back your shoulders your legs your arms your biceps and triceps obviously your core is thrown in there as well we’re not going to worry about that so much we’re trying to build as much muscle as we can so those six major muscle groups pick one exercise now give you a head start.

Quick weight gain

You should focus on a bench press and not necessarily with dumbbells because you might not have the coordination yet to handle the independent dumbbells would use a bar do a bent over row for your back. Do a squat for your legs. If you can’t do a squat got knee problems or back problems that maybe try a deadlift. Prefer squats for my particular case with knees do an overhead press do a barbell curl and do a line triceps extension.

These are exercises that have two things in common one they’re compound they usually involve multiple joints you want to try to start building your coordination on these movements and allowing you to become stronger.

Allowing different muscles to work together the second thing is they allow you to eventually overload so let’s just look at a case of let’s say the arms a barbell curl is always going to be the heaviest bicep exercises you will ultimately be able to do you’re not going to be able to do more on a concentration curl than you are in a barbell curl.

Focus on those bigger exercises okay now how we going to break them. Start by simplifying again probably, start doing total body workouts because that’s the best way for a hard gainer to build and know rather you do is actually conserve your energy towards those movement patterns on particular days.

So break it down into again movement patterns pushing pulling and legs you do those once a week each one once a week now what are we looking to do you’re looking to prove those movement patterns first and foremost. So guess what’s going to happen that uncomfortable feeling of going to the gym might get a little bit more uncomfortable temporarily because you might have to just back down the weights that you’re using, so on an overhead press start with the bark that’s all you can handle because what you’re trying to do is learn the movement pattern groove that pattern with a bent over row what good is doing a bent over row.

Many skinny guys and young guys in the gym trying to do it doesn’t even mean young it could be just beginners you might just be starting to work out only have 45 years old but you don’t want to be doing it at this position because what you’re doing is you’re not only not growing as much as you can do not optimally.

Best mass gainer for skinny guys

Stimulate the muscles that you’re trying to work but you’re setting up bad patterns to just carry over into more workouts down the road. Lighten the bar and learn the technique once you’ve got the technique on those exercises then the fun comes in. As you start adding weight to the bar and when you add weight to the bar you have to ensure that you can still nail the same control of that movement as you did when you were just starting out and if you can you add more weight if you can again you add more weight this might happen really fast for some guys because you’re going to build up that neurological strength a lot faster and for others it may take a little bit of time.

As you continue to add that weight to the bar you continue to master the command of the movement you’re going to see things changing. Healthy ways to gain weight 

Start to add a second exercise for each muscle group again trying to think big but think just one step down from where you were. Maybe add a lap pull down or pull up if you’re training at home for your back maybe you add a lunch a great single unilateral exercise for your legs a more athletic exercise you can add it to your squat or your deadlift.  Add a push down a way to push down for your triceps to add to that triceps extension.

The last thing going to tell you here and push every single time doesn’t leave anything on the table if you’re comfortable with that weight, in other words, you’re the commander of the weight then make yourself uncomfortable with it goes back to the day.

Right push at every opportunity doesn’t those guys pull you down and make sure you have a game plan in the plan. Start getting the confidence as you crush exercise after exercise after exercise building upon one workout on time.

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