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How To Express Yourself?

How does the world see you?

In what ways does the real you become visible and show itself?

What do you do that represents you?

How do you express yourself?

There are more than 7 billion people on Earth but only one you.

With such a multitude of humans it’s tempting to fit in, act the same, toe the line, be one of the gang and blend in among the throng.

And lose yourself!

But, that’s not what you came to Earth for. That’s not why you have your own special name and set of skills and inbuilt brilliance that no-one else possesses in quite the same combination.

You need to let that out. Your best is yet to come!

The art of expression

A few weeks ago I met some friends who invited me to an art exhibition of a young man they knew. They said he was different.

I like people who are different so I eagerly agreed to go along.

I wasn’t disappointed as I met one of my friend Matthew, a polite, engaging, young fellow who paints for himself and what he feels. He told me he doesn’t paint to be noticed or to create art that he knows will sell, but rather to express what’s inside him.

I wanted to keep this secret…but I can’t…here’s my favorite picture of his. It deserves to be seen by the world.

Snow Globe

It captures something different, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Intrigued, I asked him a few questions like how he got started,

“I’ve always been a creative person and used to sketch a lot. My walls at home looked blank and because I felt mass prints are so soulless, I thought I’d have a go myself.”

So, is this an actual expression of you in some form?

“It does express me in a clear way though I don’t think about it. I don’t aim for a particular style, it just comes out. Maybe this is reflective of my own interests and personality; strong and bright colors, moody subject matters”.

Well, to me it matters not. It matters only that Matthew has found an active outlet to express himself in a way that accurately portrays much of who he is.

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What’s your art?

Finding natural expression

For Matt it’s his painting that natural expresses his individuality. What’s yours?

How do you naturally let you out to be alive? What’s your stand out?

Maybe you are a dancer or sing hip hop or are a graffiti artist. Perhaps it’s sport that has your name and spirit on it. It could be your charity work or love of nature that you write about or just the way you laugh at everything and anything. The thing that’s your thing!

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Whatever it is it must be 100% YOU! Not a copy cat version of someone else or a person that on the outside is showy and who tells everybody that they love money and status when, deep inside, they know they actually hate pure money making for the sake of it but aren’t confident enough to declare that soul.

Finding YOUR natural expression is to release yourself fully into life. Like air filling a world balloon or a bird taking to the sky on the breeze.

The fight with life starts to come to an end, the ability to let life happen and respond to you for just who you are, magically stirs into life. You may even be only a few steps away from being a genius!

No more expressing yourself in mad fashion statements or anger or unusual behavior or jobs you hate or a social life you’re not fond of one jot.

Writing about your feelings in a journal can be a powerful tool for self-discovery. It also helps you verify your sentiments, which is vital because this process will help you comprehend your likes and dislikes.

It will be true and it will be you.

It’s time to be honest to yourself, to your life, and to the real you underneath who only wishes to be able to freely express who they wonderfully are.

And to paint a picture of your life everyone will love to see!

How to express yourself creatively

We use creativity in many areas of our lives without realizing it. We can be creative when we decide to add an ingredient to a recipe. Or when we match our clothes in the morning. Even writing a text message that’s a little more elaborate than usual, it calls on our creativity! So how you can express yourself with creativity?

I’ve always considered myself to be a non-creative person. It didn’t occur to me that it wasn’t in my DNA. Nonetheless, I’ve learnt to cultivate my creative side over time. I discovered that brainstorming was enjoyable for me. Those times when we allow our wildest ideas flow uninhibitedly. Who hasn’t relished the opportunity to let their imagination run wild?

Many people can benefit from creating a vision board. Visualizing and focusing on your objectives keeps you focused and motivated to achieve them. You can sketch, cut out photos from magazines, and write down your objectives. You can make large boards or set up a few pages in your diary for it.

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Words have traditionally been a tool for us to freely express ourselves as artists. Whether it’s through poetry, diary entries, or letters to a loved one, there are many ways to express yourself. Get started writing. In today’s world, we use words in a variety of ways.

Online, through blogging, and through apps such as the Journey app, which I use on a daily basis for journaling. Alternatively, you could simply write a well-worded Instagram post.

How do you express yourself? How easily do you do that or has it been a challenge? Or perhaps you feel it’s best just to get on with life and not be per-occupied with expressing yourself too much? Express your thoughts on expressing yourself.


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