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How To Create Time For Self Care When You Are Too Busy

Taking time for self-care is something I’m guilty of not doing nearly enough of, while knowing how crucial it is. When I set aside time to care for myself, I’m able to live my life more intentionally. However, what often keeps me from living intentionally, is the reality that I’m trying to “do life” on an empty tank.

Can you relate?

Life for all of us can tend to get chaotic. Which is exactly why prioritizing time for your self-care is essential. When you take better care of yourself, you have more energy and stamina to help as you respond to the chaos that life brings.

Self-care time is that time in which you are focusing on activities that fill your tank. Activities that help you to restore, recharge, and refresh.

What is Self Care

When people hears of self-care, many of them instantly think of the luxury of getting a great soothing massage or having their nails done to feel attractive and elegant. For others, self-care conjures up images of selfishness, futility, or vanity. Something that isn’t as important as anything else. Time spent on “pleasure” that may be better spent on other people or on more vital things. Self-care entails looking after yourself so that you may be healthy, do your work efficiently, help and care for others, and do all of the tasks you need and desire to complete in a day.

All of the efforts an individual may take to handle stresses in his or her life and care for his or her own health and well-being are referred to as self-care. Taking care of oneself is more than just looking after your body. Taking care of oneself begins with letting go of the system of labour and sacrifice for the sake of others’ well-being. This holds true both in the professional and personal realms. To put it another way, it means taking control of your life. Above all, it entails learning to appreciate oneself and removing the brackets from your life.

And that’s not all! Redefining yourself as the most important person in your life entails thinking about yourself. In a nutshell, it’s accepting that you are deserving of unconditional love and good treatment. Unfortunately, we frequently find it difficult to be kind to ourselves.

Why Self Care is Important

Self-care is important, especially when it comes to stress management. Chronic stress is also one of the most serious risks to one’s overall health. It has been linked to inflammation, which can cause everything from heart disease to gastrointestinal problems to a compromised immune system.

Taking care of ourselves on a daily basis is necessary not only for our own well being but also for the well being of our loved ones. We live better lifestyles (healthy diet, balanced lifestyle) and protect ourselves against diseases and other imbalances, especially emotional ones, by listening to our bodies’ messages and providing for our requirements in a consistent and methodical manner. In a nutshell, we’re happier, fitter, and healthier!

The importance of taking care of oneself is confirmed by a number of studies. These studies suggest that taking care of oneself can reduce the duration of colds and flus, improve the effectiveness of cancer treatments, increase one’s ability to concentrate and much more. As a result, it is critical not to dismiss any sign and to treat your health seriously, both physically and emotionally.

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How To Create Time For Self Care When You Are Busy

So, how do you find time for self-care?

# 1 – Plan

Everyone who succeeds in carving out time for self-care has their own set of routines that keep them on track. Disconnecting from technology is a common piece of advise, but it’s also one of the most difficult to follow through on.

Sleep is another thing that most of us don’t want to give up. While sleep is crucial, if you don’t get enough “me time,” you can benefit from getting up a few minutes early to enjoy a peaceful moment to yourself. But don’t cut corners on yourself! Set an alarm for yourself to remind you to go to bed early in the evenings.

Look closely at your schedule. Where do you already have some margin built into your calendar that could be used for your self-care time? Purposefully look for ways to prioritize time for your self-care. Schedule it on your calendar as a commitment, as an appointment that you can’t cancel.

And be realistic about how much time you need to take for your self-care, don’t try to cut corners!

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# 2 – Prepare

Once you’ve planned time for self-care, the next step is to prepare that time for success.

When we don’t have time to do something vital, it’s either because we aren’t creating time or because our priorities aren’t in line with what we truly require. We have a choice in whatever we do with our time. Although it may appear that we are obligated to accomplish some tasks, we actually have total flexibility about how we spend our time.

Do you need to make a standing appointment for your monthly pedicure? Buy a new journal for your gratitude and prayer time? Download more podcasts for your walks? Tuck the kids in even earlier so you can take a nightly bath before bed?

#3 – Protect

After planning and preparing, you should create a hedge of protection around your self-care time. You should unplug from all of your other roles within your designated time. Use healthy boundaries and communicate well with the people in your life about your time that is committed to your self-care. The exact amount of time is going to be up to you. This will be based on what you need. Some weeks you may need more time for self-care than other weeks.

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Plan, prepare, and protect your need for self-care. When you do, you will set yourself up for self-care success.

Tell Me: How are you doing with your self-care? Do you make it a weekly habit? What helps you to keep the time protected? 


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