How to: Create a Coloring Book Page From a Photo

My daughter and I went on a kids crafting extravaganza last week, and one of the projects we completed required a coloring book page. So, before I show you the project we created, I felt you would like to know how to construct a coloring book page in pixlr, a free picture editing tool!

This is a very simple project, but it appears to be complicated because there are so many pictures to go with it. I guarantee I’ll do my best to make it as painless as possible, and once you’ve done it a few times, you won’t even need my help! But, until then, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have; I’d be happy to assist you in any way I can!

So lets get started!! First you need to open PIXLR (click on that to go to the right page instantly)

How to turn a photo into a coloring book page

Once you are at the site click “open image from computer” and then open a photo from your computer.

How to turn a photo into a coloring book page

Now on the top bar click “adjustments” then click “desaturate

How to turn a photo into a coloring book page

Now in the “layers” box, right click on your image and then “duplicate” it. In the next steps make sure your duplicated image is highlighted.

How to turn a photo into a coloring book page

Now while the duplicate image is highlighted go back to “adjustments” and click “invert“.

How to turn a photo into a coloring book page

Now go back to the “layers” box. In the bottom left hand corner you see that little box that looks like two arrows facing opposite ways. Click that and you will have the opacity and mode options pop up. In the drop down box, highlight “add”.


Now your image is going to look like it turned white, don’t fret! Now go to “filter” and then click “Gaussian Blur“.


A box will pop up with a slider bar. You can adjust this until your liking. It will still look very light, but we are going to make it darker in the next step. So just adjust it until you like it, I usually put the pointer in the center for the best results.


Now click on “layer” in the bar up top and “flatten image“.

Now its time to adjust the outlines and make it darker. Click on “adjustment” and then “levels“.

This box will pop up when you click levels. Now you are going to mess with those little boxes by sliding them until you get the coloration you want. Start by moving the black one over until it is under the base of the mound. Then move your gray box towards the black box without making the black box move. That should eliminate all of the grey tones. Then just keep messing with it until you are happy with how it looks!


There you have it! Have fun coloring your pictures now!

I personally love making them when my baby has friends over so the kids can color their own pictures. I have even made a coloring book for my friends anniversary using pictures of her and her hubby. Coloring date night anyone?!


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