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When you search for an apartment for three months in the historical center of Rome you tend to make friends. Mostly with real-estate agents – because generally you are going to be meeting a real-estate agent PER apartment you view.

In our case, that was a lot of new “friends”.

I’ve mentioned that Pietro is a writer? Recently he picked up a little side job* of writing poetic verses to describe vacation apartments throughout Rome. Just before the game Monday night (if you have to ask what game – think hard), Pietro and I went to take a peek at one of these apartments- just off my favorite street: Via Giulia.

I can’t be the only person obsessed with these wooden doors right? I have always been in love with the idea of having a little hobbit door. This one totally lived up to my expectations and up and up (and up) we climbed narrow stairs to the mansarda apartment (attic apartment – which esentially has the status of a pent house to us Americans).

I looked everywhere to figure out the meaning of this symbol. Most likely it was a sign of a guild – but it could very well mean something completely different. Many palazzi are marked with signs that signfy a pope’s childhood home, wealthy families, etc. If anyone knows the significance let me know! I’m on a mission to solve the mystery!

This is a pretty traditional kitchen here in the center of Rome. Small and galley like. All SMEG appliances. I know it looks tiny, but even extremely wealthy households boast kitchens that would be considered closet size in America. Lots of beautiful meals, prepared by mamma or cooks come out of these tiny spaces…

Oh! I have to point out a slightly random, but normal kitchen find: the built in, above sink, drying rack! I don’t think the drying rack is very popular in the states, right? In Italy, even homes with dishwashers have this little rack that drips perfectly in the sink.

Up and up more narrow stairs to the master bedroom. It was dim from the evening summer sun, but was the perfect space to curl up and read – especially, I imagine, on a rainy day.

Ok. I’m lying. I want to curl up here on a really hot day – because do you see what I see? AC! And, no, most apartments don’t have air of any kind. And for those of you coming to pay us a visit here in Rome smiling to yourself thinking about your hotels promise of ac? Well, it probably won’t cool your room off to below 80 degrees…

And where was Pietro? Well, given that the first quarter of the Italy game was on la tv, I will give you one guess…

Some places just have that homey feel – this was one of them. My only qualm was that this is not an apartment for a family with young kids (there’s actually another large bedroom – but the lightening was SO terrible I’m not going to show you the pictures) because of the millions of stairs you have to climb – aka not an apartment for us with Florence.

Honestly, exploring this home got my mind turning. The style and location of this apartment make it without a doubt the perfect city home. I love where we live now, however, I don’t really love our street…

Maybe it’s time to make some new (real-estate) friends?

*Living in Rome (ok, all of Italy) is expensive! Any side work helps make life a little nicer…


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