Herb Roasted Delicata Squash with Pomegranate ” a little saffron would make this!

Herb Roasted Delicata Squash with Pomegranate

Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and I’ve really got to decide on a final menu today. I can’t believe this week is here! What’s on tap for your Thanksgiving table?

As for sides, we’ll do scalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes, something with brussels sprouts, and pie, I think. What kind of pie? These questions need to be answered. Today! Somebody hold me accountable…

We’ll probably also have another side or two, including this roasted delicata squash with pomegranate and herbs.

Delicata squash doesn’t get enough love. It’s so festive when cut into rings with its cute scalloped edges and striped skin. It’s a squash you don’t have to peel. The squash skin is thin, edible, and deliciously crispy when roasted.

This recipe ran in yesterday’s paper with the latest In Our Kitchen column. Check it out here.

I’ll be back later this week with another squash recipe, something lighter for after the big food holiday. Until then, would you share your thoughts for pie? My sister and mom don’t get too excited about pumpkin, and I’m wondering which direction we should take.

herb roasted delicata squash with pomegranate

Delicata squash is a great vegetable for the holidays with its beautifully striped skin, which you can and should eat along with the rest of the squash. If you have a roasted butternut squash seed oil to drizzle over this, it’s delicious, but extra-virgin olive oil works well. To stretch this dish, double the recipe or serve the squash over a simply dressed salad of arugula.

2 delicata squash (about 2 1/2 pounds)
1 tablespoon chopped rosemary
1 tablespoon chopped thyme, plus a couple of sprigs for garnish
olive oil
a big handful of squash or pumpkin seeds
a big handful of pomegranate seeds
a hunk of Parmesan or mild blue cheese

Heat oven to 400°F. Slice delicata squash into 1/2-inch thick slices. Use a small spoon to scoop out the seeds from the center of the rings. Wash the seeds under water to remove all the squash gunk and reserve to roast later.

Place the squash rings in a large bowl and toss with rosemary, thyme, and 1 tablespoon olive oil. Spread the rings out on a large baking sheet (or two) and bake in an upper rack in the oven until tender and browned, 25 to 30 minutes. Flip the squash about halfway through if you’re using a baking sheet on the bottom oven rack to make sure the squash browns evenly. Meanwhile, drizzle the cleaned seeds with a bit of olive oil in a small bowl and season with salt and pepper. Place seeds on a small baking sheet and roast until puffed up, 5 to 7 minutes. Make sure to check on them often to be sure they don’t burn.

Arrange rings of delicata squash on a platter, letting some overlap. Sprinkle pomegranate seeds and roasted seeds over the squash. Use a vegetable peeler to shave a few long strips of Parmesan cheese over the squash or crumble blue cheese over the dish. Garnish with a few small sprigs of fresh thyme and drizzle with olive oil. Season with a little more salt. Serve warm. You can roast the squash a few hours ahead of time and let it hang out on the counter before reheating gently in a 250°F oven just before serving with the pomegranate, seeds and cheese.

Serves 4.


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