Healthy food in Restaurant

Do you know what is richer than a delicious meal? One that is also healthy. If you are looking for those kinds of dishes, those meals that make you feel good, here are ten healthy food restaurant options that will really surprise you.

With these ten recommendations, you will not have to discuss between asking for something rich or something healthy, because you can have both. Now you just have to enter.

Choose dishes from a healthy food restaurant and go. You will have dozens of delicious foods at your fingertips.

What to order …

In a traditional food restaurant

Keep in mind that, as a general rule, whatever the restaurant is, we must comply with this maxim: “That at least 50% of what we eat is vegetables and vegetables, “explains Calvet.

Therefore, in a traditional restaurant, the best thing to do is to order a salad or vegetable of a first and second protein (fish, eggs or meat), always ensuring that the accompaniment of the second dish is a small portion of vegetables and /or vegetables in Potato chips place. You can also choose to take a plate of second legumes.

In an Italian restaurant

Yes, you can eat without getting fat in an Italian restaurant, especially if you opt for salads or meats. The ideal not to gain weight is to opt for carpaccio or pasta cooked with vegetables, as Digón points out, avoiding pizzas with too many ingredients or elaborated sauces.

However, if you feel like ordering pasta with sauce or pizza, another option is to implement Natália Calvet’s recommendation: first order a salad or vegetable and the pasta or pizza to share.

In an oriental restaurant

This type of restaurant may be the easiest and safest option to take care of the diet. The first alternative would be to opt for a soup or seaweed salad and continue with sashimi (raw fish) leaving sushi as the last option. Another alternative would be a wok with vegetables and chicken. “It’s a light and healthy dish.

How to eat healthy at restaurants

It is right there where it becomes extremely important to put into practice the following tricks to eat rich and above all healthier:

  • Choose simple foods (with fewer ingredients)
  • Choose foods with fewer ingredients
  • To summarize and differentiate you just have to memorize this: any dish that contains too many ingredients (other than vegetables) is NOT simple.

This means that a dish whose preparation requires more complexity, more ingredients or more preparation is not simple. This also applies if the preparation requires a lot of fat (such as fried, weathered or breaded).

For example:

  • A piece of grilled chicken with a vegetable garnish is very simple, unlike a fried chicken covered in 7 cheese sauce.
  • Some nachos with cream, gratin cheese, beans, and sausage are complicated, some nachos with guacamole is a simple dish.
  • A bowl of vegetable soup is simpler than a mushroom cream with butter
  • A good way to choose your food is to see the menu quickly. In other words, don’t spend much time reviewing the options on the menu.

Order first than your table companions, so you will not be very influenced by other decisions. And when you are ordering, consider the following point …

Choose the healthiest side dishes

If you definitely feel that there is no escape and the dishes are extremely delicious and extremely caloric, you can do something about it.

Improve your side dishes or accompaniments:

  • Change the fries for roasted potatoes
  • Do not include bread if you already have flour or carbohydrates in your dish (rice or pasta)
  • Ask for an extra portion of vegetables or salad
  • Ask for a smaller portion of the main dish
  • In most restaurants, you can make these small modifications without any problem, and probably without any extra charge just ask!

Extra tip:

Order the dressings, creams or cheeses separately in a small bowl and not on top of your food.

When you are eating, do not serve it full on your plate, better dip your fork in the dressing and take a bite of your plate. You will be surprised how little you will be eating (and the calories you are saving) without changing the taste.

Share your dishes or entrees

Suppose you already asked and no change is valid (bad luck).

But, there is always something else you can do: share your dishes.

It is one of the best ideas to save money and calories. In addition, if they share among several you can try many different flavors and dishes.

I believe that sharing also makes the experience of eating out more authentic and enjoyable.

Extra tip:

If you failed to convince anyone to share, ask for half of the portion to eat and the rest to be wrapped. That way you won’t have to cook the next day.

Beware of drinks, always prefer to drink water

Eye with drinks always prefers water. As a rule, you always prefer water to drink.

I do not recommend any type of alcoholic beverage, the only acceptable amount of alcohol is zero (read that again).

But, if you want to accompany your meals with red wine or beer extremely occasionally, then first drink 2 glasses of water and make sure it is not more than one glass or glass.

If you don’t drink alcohol but you are inclined to drink juices or soft drinks, I want to convince you not to. It is always better to avoid any type of sugary drink. They provide too many unnecessary calories and harm your health.

But hey, if you really like it and it is something exceptional, share your soda and add twice as many ice cubes in your glass (to drink less).

Extra tip:

Ask for mineral water with gas, it will give you that bubbling sensation on the palate without extra calories.

Eat slowly and talk more

Eat slowly and better talk more
In many parts of the world, eating with your mouth full is not a good idea. Take advantage of this formality to talk more and at the same time eat slower.

Place your fork on the table between the bites, so you will have time to listen to your body when you are satisfied and not eat more than the bill.

Remember that you do not have to finish absolutely everything on your plate, you can always ask for it to take away (but don’t waste it ) .

In addition, eating slowly can make you magically not have more appetite to order dessert.

Share your dessert

If you cannot resist the final temptation, then share a dessert with others. That way you won’t feel like it and you’ll definitely be eating a much smaller portion.

Any fruit is also an excellent dessert, it is sweet, it has fiber and it will leave you that good taste in the end. Try some natural yogurt! You will see how tasty.

Another option is to be strong, skip dessert and better order a coffee with milk or tea with warm flavors (eye: measure the sugar you put on it).

If you followed the previous tricks, it means that you have passed the mission “eat healthily and eat out.” But, if you didn’t make it and ate everything without thinking, don’t worry, there’s still something you can do …

After eating:

Your next meal has to be healthy (without fail)

your next meal has to be healthy
It is not worth skipping the next meal, better eat something light and healthy.

For example steamed vegetables, grilled chicken, salad, etc.

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What to eat in a restaurant when you are on a diet

Another of the big questions when eating out and wanting to take care of the weigh,t is whether it is more advisable to take two dishes or a single dish.

It is not possible to give a clear answer about it because everything depends on the portions of each dish and the needs of each person. The important thing is to combine protein with salad or vegetables (a wok with vegetables and chicken is usually a correct and sufficient option) or vegetables with vegetables.


Among sandwiches, desserts, milkshakes, the famous pokes, soups and so on, you will become a fan of these healthy food places. Let’s start this journey of balanced and tasty options.

Healthy Food Soups

In this restaurant, you will find an incredible variety of options: pizzas, salads, hamburgers, wraps, bowls, smoothies and, our favorites, soups. In
Healthy Food, available in Bogotá and Barranquilla, you can find five fantastic soups.

We recommend you try the amazing Soup Energy. An exquisite soup based on tomatoes and vegetables roasted with Mediterranean herbs.

It is these kinds of decisions that sabotage your attempts to change your habits.

And most importantly: remember that you are human.

If you decide to eat unhealthy from time to time and enjoy it, you are not doing anything wrong.

An unhealthy meal will not ruin your lifestyle. As long as 90% of the time you are deciding to eat healthily. Each person is unique and with unique habits, unique lifestyle.

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