Hair Falling Out? Don’t Panic! 7 Things to Try

I already told you guys my hair was falling out for a while – and it was scary! There’s nothing worse than taking a nice, calm shower and finding a handful of hair in your hand. Or, shedding on your clothes and around the house.

I remember years ago, when I first moved to LA, had started my first big girl job, and had a bunch of added stress – I started to lose hair. At that point the doctor told me it was probably in my head (thanks.). Looking back, I wish I had gotten a second opinion or at the least someone who was willing to give me some ideas on how to help stop the loss of so much hair!

These are just products and things that have worked for me. I don’t think it was any single one of these that has helped my hair – it was probably a combination of all of them!

Hair Falling Out? : 7 Things to Try

1. Evaluate. Don’t panic. I know that’s way easier to say than do. But take a good look. Are you just shedding tons of hair, or, is there actual a bald spot forming. If it’s the latter, you may want to consider visiting a doctor immediately. Luckily, in Italy, the pharmacies are full of doctors and they will actually help you with your ailments. They can’t prescribe medicines, but they can point you in the right direction. Remember, only you know your body. If a lot more hair than usual is falling out – find a doctor that will take you serious.

2. Goodbye, coffee.  One of the immediate things I did when I started losing hair was cutting back on caffeine. Now, I don’t know for certain this in and of itself helped, but I do know after cutting back to one or two espresso per day my hair seemed to shed less.

3. Hello, fruits and veggies. I was a pasta-terian for years. And I still mainly live off breads, pastas, and cheeses. Increasing my veggies and fruits (ie natural vitamins) was one of the first (and most difficult!) steps I took.

4. Hair cut. After talking to a few of the local hair salons around town, I was convinced to get a hair cut. And you know what? It does seem I started shedding even less after I got a hair cut. The Italians are super preoccupied with haircuts and I had not only stylists tell me to get a cut, but also local women and of course – the nonna’s (grandma’s).

5. Wash Hair More/Less. I was a once a week hair washer. My hair actually gets dryer as time goes on. My hair stylist suggested that I wash my hair more. Her point was – would you really go an entire week, living in a city as dirty as Rome, without washing your face? – Point taken. I now wash my hair twice a week. So I upped my hair washing. But, if you are an over-washer, apparently this too can cause hair to fall out. My stylist suggested every other day.

6. Vitamins. You’ll notice the picture above does not include the vitamins I take. And that’s because every person’s body reacts differently and needs different vitamins and minerals. I really do think it’s important to add in a supplement and so I visited not only the local pharmacy, but a local health shop as well. I now take a supplement that has natural plant iron. Not only is this a supposed benefit for hair and nails, I also have so much more energy (again, probably a combination of vitamins and better eating!).

7. Products. Of course there are a ton of products on the market to help prevent, and reverse damaged, falling out hair. I really believe it’s important to treat the hair internally (ie. vitamins, eating better), but it’s also important to treat the actual strands with care…

  • Natural Bristle Brush – you may remember my Mason Pearson Alternative post (here). After using Spornette Porcupine Brush natural boar bristle brush, I noticed the lack of hair being caught in the bristles. I also started hearing less pop pop pop of hair strands being broken off.
  • Denman Classic Styling Brush (modified) – The Denman has nylon teeth and when you purchase it, it doesn’t look like the brush in my picture. The rows are way too close together – and that spells trouble. After modifying it (see this great blog on how to do that), this is the perfect brush to gently pick out the knots pre- and post-wash.
  • Shampoo/Conditioner. I use Kinky Curly Come Clean Natural Moisturizing Shampoo Sulfate Free 8 oz (that I bring all the way from America!). If you’re losing hair, it’s important to try a shampoo without sulfate, paraben or alcohol. The chemicals in shampoo can be truly horrific, and if your hair is in a fragile state you don’t want to be using harsh and damaging chemicals.
  • Pre/Post-Washing Hair Oil. This is actually my second bottle of L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil. And it lasts forever. Usually I don’t like suggesting products that are sold in both the USA and Italy – because big companies often change the ingredients! But, excluding that the bottle is glass in Italy and plastic in America this seems to be the same product. I have the worlds most knotty hair. Once it’s de-tangled, if I wait about 30 seconds it’s full of knots again! I don’t know why Extraordinary Oil for Normal Hair works so well but it keeps my hair knot free. Knot free = less hair getting pulled and tugged out.
  • Scalp protection. I almost don’t want to tell you about this next product – because it won’t be easy to buy from America. I bought this ‘lotion’ (it’s actually liquid) from Nuns that have a business within their convent. A beauty business. Using aloe, they make the most amazing natural beauty products. This particular one is for hair loss. You rub it into your scalp after washing your hair, or before brushing your hair, and it helps the scalp hold onto the fragile hair.
  • Leave in Conditioner. I’ve tried bottles of leave in conditioner. Sometimes they’re great. And sometimes you end up smelling like a six-year-old – with knots. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy-Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner version is amazing. And while I don’t spray it near my roots (it’s a little too heavy for that), it does keep the tips moisturized. It does have a scent, but it fades quickly.

Do you have any hair loss prevention tips?


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