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Hair Color Charts: Know Your Next Shade

If you’re planning to move a few shades away from your natural color or looking to get a totally new shade, then the hair color chart can be very useful for you. To enhance your face, it’s best to find a shade of hair color that matches your natural hair color. By choosing a dye close to your color, you will have more chance to succeed your coloring. The result will be natural and up to your expectations.

The first three charts below show hair shades starting at blonde & gradually moving to darker shades ,right up to black. Not every single shade in existence is listed but you will find that your hair will resemble some or the other shade in the chart below.

Using the chart below, you can find inspiration to try out new hair colors. These charts are designed by respected companies in the hair care industry and are useful to both the average user as well as an experienced stylist. The charts also separate out hair colors that may otherwise look similar to someone without much experience in hair coloring.

The first three charts are look like natural shades of brown, blond and black. Whereas the fourth chart is more suited for bold hair colors.

These hair color charts are used to represent the hair color line that the respective brand offers on sale. Let’s have a look at the charts below

Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color Chart

Garnier Nutrisse offers a solid range of hair colors, listing over thirty eight shades beginning at a platinum shade of blonde named light golden blonde(honey butter) and moving to more reddish shades like rich auburn blonde(hot tamale) and then moving to deeper shades of brown & black eventually. The Garnier Nutrisse hair color chart should be sufficient for most people and gives a fair idea of the shades available.

Garnier Nutrisse's Hair Color Chart

L’oreal Feria’s Hair Color Chart

L’Oreal is a globally famous brand that has been popular for decades now. The L’Oreal Feria hair color chart offers a range of bright & rich blond, brown and black hair colors and sports 15 brilliant and tempting shades for you to choose from.

L’oreal Feria's Hair Color Chart

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Clairol’s  Perfect 10’s Hair Color Chart

The Clairol’s Perfect 10’s hair line shows eighteen rich & elegant shades for you to choose from. The colors also look really natural, which is good because natural looking shades look better on most people compared to the not so natural ones.

Clairol's Perfect 10's Hair Color Chart

Manic Panic Hair Color Chart

The Manic Panic hair color chart is very useful for those wishing to break free from simple browns & blonds and experiment with bolder shades of yellow, red and blue.

The Manic Panic hair color line offers different shades in blue, black, purple, yellow, green and silver. The chart below shows the various shades available.

Manic Panic Hair Color Chart

Hair Color & Hair Care

Irrespective of which hair color you choose to apply, these hair dyes and bleaches will damage your hair to quite a large extent. The further away you move from your natural shade, the higher the damage incurred.

Some colors are capable of lightening a natural base, that is to say your “true” color, and others will not. It is therefore essential to know your natural root tone to assess whether lightening is necessary. However, one coloring does not lighten another coloring. If necessary, you should remove your old coloring before applying a new, lighter one.

It is necessary that you have a solid hair care routine to make up for the damage suffered from excessive coloring and styling. Else it wouldn’t take long for your colored tresses to look extremely dry, brittle & damaged.


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