Gluten-Free “Bomb” Banana Bread (aka, Everyone’s Favorite Thing I Make)

Ok, I know: banana bread seems anticlimactic after I hyped this recipe up as my BFF Manfriend’s favorite, favorite, favorite of favoritests (i.e., “BOMB” classified). It’s simple. Just another recipe, right? It seems as though everyone and their mom (literally) has one for banana bread, and calls it “famous” or “the best”. I won’t do that. But I will say that out of all the foods I make, this is the one people fawn over the most, close their eyes whilst eating the most, moan over the most, ask for the recipe the most, fight over the most, arrive unexpectedly at my house in hopes of taking home a loaf the most, and otherwise give the highest rating. So. Hopefully that gives you an idea of  this unassuming banana bread. Whereas most gluten-free breads are dry, and don’t have much complexity to their taste or texture, this one is moist (did some of you just cringe that I used that word? bahaha), the perfect bakery-style and coffee-complement consistency, and absolutely delicious, speckled with dark chocolate chips. Of course, those are optional. But highly recommended (obviously). Case in point:

If you’re nervous about the almond flour because it’s 1) foreign, 2) made of nuts, and/or 3) admittedly expensive, rest assured that: 1) especially with this bread, people can’t tell it is made of almond flour (which is neither here nor there, really, as I’ve never met anyone who disliked the flavor), 2) nuts are good for you, and a slice of bread is the equivalent of only a tablespoon of nut butter’s worth of fat, and 3) if you buy almond butter, there’s no reason not to justify buying or making a little almond flour for this occasion. They are totally comparable in price. I don’t cook with almond flour constantly, so when I do, it’s a special treat. That perspective might relax some of your anxieties about baking with this unique flour. I hope : )

(Please note, you can’t sub wheat flour [or any other grain or bean flour for that matter] for the almond. Another nut flour would work, but otherwise — lo siento mi amigo/a!)

NOTE: This makes a lot of banana bread! Feel free to halve it! ; )

NOTE: This makes a lot of banana bread! Feel free to halve it! ; )

4 ripe bananas
4 ethically-sourced eggs or vegan substitute (Note: I haven’t tried this, so I can’t make any guarantees — sorry! Will keep you updated on my success.)
1 tsp almond extract
7 Tb – 1/2 C agave (or honey) — up to you how sweet
2 Tb vanilla
1 tsp salt
1 1/1 tsp baking soda
5 C. almond flour
2 Tb cinnamon
1 C dark chocolate chips (optional)

Optional: 1-2 Tb coconut oil. Not necessary, but totally takes it over the top!

1) Massage or squeeze bananas while they are still in their peel to make softening them easier. I literally crush them with my hands, and then remove the peel and dumb they into the bowl. It really makes things easy!
2) Mix wet ingredients and bananas. (I use a handheld mixer and it speeds everything up.) It should be ready when the consistency is fairly smooth — you want the banana to be in tiny little pieces, not big chunks.
3) Mix dry ingredients, and add to wet.
4) Pour into three smaller load pans, or one large and one small. (I always line mine with parchment, and strongly recommend it for even baking and easy clean up.)
5) Bake in preheated 325* oven for about 45 minutes (it might take longer). The top should be browned.
6) Remove when a knife in the middle comes out clean, and let cool in the pan. Slice with a sharp knife.

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If you’re trying to take this over the top, add a tablespoon or two of coconut oil. I don’t know why, but it makes it even better! As you may notice, I add almond extract to a lot of my recipes. This is always optional, I often just like to enhance the almond flavor; I find it gives another layer of complexity and depth to my baked goods. However, if you’re trying to avoid a strong almond taste (i.e., mask that you’re using almond flour), just omit it. : )

Make this! Today! <3

Part of Slightly Indulgent Tuesdays @ Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free

So. I’m heading to San Diego this week, Wed-Friday (BFF Manfriend is presenting at a high-falutin’ conference.) Any interest in a little meet-up one afternoon?

Also. What’s the best banana bread or other baked good you’ve had, ever?

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