Freezer Cooking {6 MORE things you should add to your freezer!}

Are you looking for some recipes and meals to fill your freezer, all while staying on a budget? Chaos2Peace is the place for you! You can get tips and a grocery list for a once a month freezer cooking club. Check it out!


Freezer cooking is one of the best things I do for our family each month.  I can not begin to tell you how nice it is to have a freezer full of ready to go items for dinner.  The girls over at Thriving Home Blog introduced this to me. I owe them big.  We save so much time and money with just a little bit of planning.  Each month, I plan my menus and then I plug in these six items to that plan.  You can watch a video about how I plan my monthly menus here.  

You know what’s even better?  I get to stock our freezer with great meals all while hanging out with my friends.  We laugh and just have a good time and then we all leave with six meals.  I call that winning.  



Here are the rules: 

  • We have 8 people in our party.  We have found that an even number works best.  I wouldn’t recommend more than 8 people. 
  • I text everyone the menu. If anyone wants to make changes they let that be known. 
  • A grocery list is made and then multiplied by 8. 
  • We set a time suitable for everyone. 
  • One person buys all the groceries and then everyone reimburses that person.
  • We meet.  We cook.  We laugh.  We have a BLAST.  And we leave with SIX items to put in our freezers. 


My friend, Whitney, blogs at Come Home For Comfort.  She just did a freezer cooking party and you can read her VERY helpful tips here.  Plus, she does videos and they are great.  Subscribe to her blog.  You’ll love her ideas!


 Please note, I’m sharing this menu and grocery list based on 8 people attending the party.  If you have more or less people you will need to adjust accordingly. Without further adieu, here are the six menu items you need to add to your freezer TODAY!!


Cheddar Cracker Chicken by Courtney Westlake

32 chicken breasts

8 sleeves of butter crackers

48 oz. sharp cheddar

garlic salt

4 sticks of butter


Frito Taco Casserole by 12 Tomatoes 

10 lbs. of ground beef

16 cans of refried beans

8-4 oz. cans of green chilis

16 c. cooked rice

16 c. cheddar cheese

8 c. salsa

2 bags of frozen onions

Taco seasoning


BBQ Meatballs by Money Saving Mom

8 eggs

8 c. milk

16 c. oats

2 bags frozen onions

chili powder

garlic powder



12 lbs. ground beef


No Peek Beef Tips by Mommy’s Kitchen

16 lbs. stew beef

8 cans of mushrooms

8 packages of brown gravy

8 packages of onion soup


French Onion Chicken by Eating on a Dime

8 cans French Onion Soup

32 chicken breasts

4 c. sour cream


Corn Chowder by Chaos2Peace

8 cans of chicken

8 cans of diced potatoes

4 sticks of butter

8 cans of creamed corn

2 bags of frozen onions

garlic powder


8 c. half and half

8 cans diced green chilis

8 cans shoepeg corn




Have you ever gotten to 5:30 pm and thought, “What in the world am I going to feed all these people?!?”  Well, when you have a freezer cooking party, your answer will be, “Yes, I have a freezer full of good food! I’m so thankful I did just a little bit of work and saved a whole lot of time and money.”  I prefer the second response, don’t you??  Let’s get to partying!



*This post, and others like it,  can be found at Meal Plan Monday.  







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