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Is FOMO Sabotaging Your Health?

I think every human with more than 4 friends and some form of social media experiences FOMO. Ya know, fear of missing out. The term is so overused that I’m sure trying to define it will bore you. This fear of missing out on valuable experiences is on the rise, and it may become a very distressing psychological strain.  We’ve all seen the Facebook post about how FOMO is bad for our mental health, but what about our physical health? It’s one thing to be afraid of missing out, but do you give in?

At least, during the lockdown, we were better, since there was nothing to miss, except buying foods and essential items. And the vain attempts to recreate a semblance of conviviality from a distance, such as the zoom, did not succeed in producing this kind of feeling in those who were not invited.

I would even say that not being invited produced, on the contrary, a form of relief. But today, it’s over. Between the number of vaccinated people, the ease of restrictions and the euphoria of being together which sees the proposals multiplying, one does not have any excuse to stay at home but we also have the anxiety of not To be one of them.

Reality Check 101

Maybe you have digestive problems. Pizza with the gals won’t help with that.

Or you keep gaining weight no matter what you try. Tequila shots only mask that.

Having concerns about draining energy? Taco Tuesday feeds into that.

You have a real, diagnosed medical condition of any kind. Late night food runs hurt that.

This is harsh, but very real. FOMO runs through my freaking veins. I see girls I went to high school with slamming margs in Cabo on spring break and downing gourmet doughnuts the size of my head. Why can’t I do that? I wonder. Their lives are so exciting! Then you go binge drink, eat late night Whataburger (for all my TX peeps out there) and wake up depressed, swollen, in pain and still longing for more.

“Kara cut to the chase” Ok, ok you probably get it by now. But I want to make this clear: fomo is destructive to health goals. For me, dabbling in these temptations only made things worse and now I’m fighting tooth and nail to get back where I started. I went from 80% to 50% in a matter of months and just want to tell girls my age it doesn’t have to be this way.

You don’t have to drink like everyone else. You don’t have to eat shitty to be cool.

Eating healthy, engaging in meaningful relationships and nourishing your body is cool. If anyone challenges that you can send ‘em my way!

If you’ve made it this far you probably know FOMO is real for you (or you’re just my family and read all my blog posts. Hey Mom!) So now what? Here are:

Steps to FOMO Freedom to Take Charge of Your Health

Establish a strong “why.”

You’ve heard it all before, “what’s your why?” Yes, so cliché. But if you don’t know why you want something, then will you ever stick to it? Dig deep here. What is being sick, tired, bloated (or whatever ales you) preventing you from doing with your life? If your health were to get worse, what would you regret missing out on? Not taking care of yourself now can lead to bigger FOMO in the future.

My why is: So that I don’t pass on the symptoms I’m feeling to my children, and so I don’t degenerate early from autoimmunity or cancer. This is personal to me. When confronted with a temptation, I can then compare it to my why and address if it’s worth it or not. Once you have your why, write it down. Keep it as your lock screen on your phone, set it as a reminder, stick post it notes with your why around the house. Whatever it takes to create the habit!

Talk to your friends… or get new ones.

If you have health goals and can’t afford booze and fast food any longer, it’s time to chat with your friends. Explain to them what you’re going through and ask them to support you. Maybe that means having one weekend night where you pick the restaurant. Or suggesting get-togethers like hikes, yoga, a jog, getting green juice, or anything that fits your situation.

If they’re not willing to support you or a falling out occurs just know it’s okay. Acknowledge the time you all spent together for what is was, be grateful for it and get back out there. Easier said than done. But believe you can find new friends that engage in healthy activities, join groups online, reach out to that girl you’ve always wanted to chill with or get coffee with some people from the gym. Healthy friendships help build our own health.

Start documenting YOUR life.

If you cant beat them, join them! I can explain. If you constantly spend your time looking at other people’s lives on social media, are you even living your own? Post that recipe you made the other day, snapchat the walk you took through the park, write a blog post about the workout you just did. I know this from experience (hence my blog). This may sound so lame, but posting about your life reminds you how awesome it is!

Whenever I post about the amaze-balls matcha lattee I just had from a local coffee shop it makes me stop and reflect. You have no choice but to relive that moment all over again, and feel truly grateful for your experiences. That post then motivates you to do more things you love, eat things you love and just be a person that you love. Of course social media has its down falls. We can obsess about likes, followers, picture quality, blah blah blah, But the act of documenting something is suddenly engaging, and almost gives you those feelings of “fitting in.” Side note relating to #2, I’ve met some great friends off Instagram all because I started documenting my life and not focusing on others.

I’ve rambled on long enough. Just know I love you guys; I care about your wellbeing; I’m here for you. Your 20’s (or 30’s) don’t have to be filled with destructive habits that degrade your body or soul. This is a message I’m passionate about and truly believe in. Have questions? Comment below. I would LOVE to hear from you!


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