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I am all about easy cleaning tips because let’s just put it this way, cleaning and me are not friends (never have been really). At best, we are bitter acquaintances who tolerate each other at parties. It is a struggle I’ve had to work through my whole life.

I worked really hard, for a long time, to limit my acquaintance with cleaning as much as possible. Of course, the longer I hold off  on cleaning the messier things get, and the messier things get the less I want to clean. And the cycle continues.

Honestly, it wasn’t until until me and the hubby got our first apartment after we got married, that I finally realized I had to break the cycle. Once we moved into our first place I felt this sense of ownership that just made me want to do things better. Maybe it’s because this was truly our place, and the look and feel of it was a reflection of me and the hubby.

I finally had a place I had to be responsible for. Dang it!
I’m not saying that having my own place made me the neatest, tidiest little wife you ever saw, but it did make me want to make an effort. At least it was a step in the right direction, another part of that damn growing-up thing that never seems to stop.

Let’s not forget about setting a good example for the kids too. Monkey see, monkey do.

So, for those like me who have to fight against themselves when it comes to cleaning, here are the ways that I keep things easy peasy while trying to keep a clean home everyday.


Make The Bed2

1) Make The Bed Every Morning, yes, every morning! You will be surprised at how much neater your entire bedroom looks when you take just a few minutes to make the bed every morning. I’m not talking about changing sheets or making everything look like those perfectly made beds you see in hotels, I’m just talking about pulling those covers up so that they are no longer in a big ole’ messy pile. At most, it may take up to five minutes on a bad morning, if your sheets got all tangled up in a ball the night before (hey, i’m not judging).

Plus, you may start to notice that even if the rest of your room is neat and tidy, it still looks like a sty if the bed is a mess.


Clean Dishes

2) Do The Dishes Right After Dinner, hey we’re all adults here (well for the most part anyway) and we have to stop procrastinating. That is like kryptonite for us cleaning haters. The worst thing you can do is say “I’ll get the to dishes later.” Later for me is usually the next night, when I have an even bigger pile of dishes (sorry, had to rush to work, slept in and I didn’t have time to do the dishes in the morning – woops).

Do the dishes the first night, and they are done in maybe 10 minutes or so, depending on what was for dinner (and whether or not you finishes shoving what you could into the dishwasher).


Quick Wipe

3) Give the Counters and Tables a Quick Wipe After Dinner. Wet a sponge or dishcloth with some water and a small squirt of dish soap (or use Clorox cleaning wipes if you have those) and give everything a quick once over; the counter, table, and stove top (if used). It doesn’t have to be a big deep clean or anything, just enough so that there are no crumbs, milk rings, or other daily junk left to fester.

You should move this to the bathroom too, the sink and counter space there gets lots of splatter from when the kiddos brush their teeth and wash their hands (but hey, at least you have proof they’re doing it).



4) Sweep Every Night, this only takes a few minutes, but it too can make a world of difference. We all have those mornings when we get up and head to the kitchen, and feel the crunch of something unknown under our bare feet (probably the leftover bits of crumbs that somehow managed to fall off the kids plates during dinner). I hate that feeling, and the only way to take care of this problem is to sweep it up. Man, why did I have to grow up and be all responsible?



5) Straighten Up The Clutter. The last thing you should do each night, is clean up the clutter that’s on the table. You know, the mail you never put away, the magazines you threw down on the coffee table, and the other paperwork and items that somehow found their way over every surface.

I’m not talking about putting everything away, unless you want to, but just taking that messy pile and turning it into a neat one. This way, like with the bed, the room will look that much better.

If you have kids who are old enough to help with this, then put them to work too! Hopefully by putting them to work, they will be a little less cleaning-phobic. A mom can hope, right?



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