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First Step to Successfully Changing Your Diet & Losing Weight

Today, I’d want to share the very first question you should ask yourself if you want to eat healthier, change your diet, and lose weight.

And it actually has nothing to do with food.

You see, most women who want to lose weight ask themselves if they should eat less carbs, less fats, more of this food and less of that one. And this is normal, this is natural to try to figure this out.

But in fact it’s just a distraction from the real first step they need to take on their healthy eating journey.

The very first step when you want to lose 20 pounds, or stick to a new, healthy diet is to ask yourself these two questions:

  • Do you believe that you can do it?
  • Do you believe that you deserve it and you’re worth it?

If the answer is a No, or you’re just not sure about the answer and you’ve got a bunch of stuff coming up, there is no need to obsess about carbs or fats.

Because if you don’t believe that you can do it, if you’re constantly having thoughts like “what if it doesn’t work?“,or “I’ll ruin this eating plan”, you’ll find a way to sabotage yourself at some point to prove your mind right.


So let’s do this. Ask yourself each question and see what comes up.

Do you believe that you can do it?

1) If the answer is a resounding Yes, then we can go ahead and start talking about food.

2) If it’s “I’m not sure, maybe I can, I will try”, you need to stop and work on this.

3) If the answer is a No, or a bunch of objections and fears that come up, then you need to stop and work on this.

You need to make yourself believe that you can do it.

If you have the belief, everything is going to be a LOT easier.

If you don’t have the belief, you’re going to struggle and it’s going to be really hard.

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So how do you do this?

You take your fears or negative thoughts one by one and you ask WHY.

Let me give you an example.

“I don’t believe I’ll lose the weight because I’ll ruin this eating plan”.

Why will you ruin this plan? “Because I’ve tried to eat healthy before but I just love mayonnaise and donuts so much.”

Why do you love mayonnaise and donuts so much? “Because they make me feel good when life gets tough and I need some comfort.”

So now you know that if you can find something else than food that can comfort you when life gets rough, it will be a lot easier to believe that you can have a healthy diet, because you’re no longer depending on food for your emotional well-being.

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Do you believe that you deserve it and you’re worth it?

1) If the answer is a resounding Yes, then we can go ahead and start talking about food.

2) If it’s “I’m not sure, maybe I deserve it, but I have low self-esteem and maybe I just don’t deserve to be thin and healthy”, you need to stop and work on this.

Let me give you a little help: OF COURSE you deserve it!

Try to find out where this belief comes from, if it’s your childhood, the people you hang around with, your spouse, and convince yourself that you do deserve it.

A common symptom of feeling you don’t deserve to be thin and healthy is when you say: “I don’t believe I’ll stick to a healthy eating plan because I’m always busy and I don’t have time to cook”.

What you are really saying with this is you don’t make time to cook and you don’t think you deserve to spare 30 minutes a day to prepare something healthy for you. You may not value yourself enough.

If it’s the case, you need to work on this, see where this comes from, and try to put yourself first and take care of yourself with compassion.

I go through this process with my clients before we start talking about food and nutrition. This way they can get started on the right path and get awesome results!

How to change your diet

Everyone’s definition of healthy eating is different. Diets and detoxes can make the prospect of altering our eating patterns seem overwhelming. However, it is not necessary to radically change your lifestyle to eat better. Before embarking on a lifestyle change, one must first have reliable information and a good roadmap. There is no common concept for food balance in terms of science. However, it is a theoretically active adjustment in eating patterns.

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This process begins with shopping and concludes with the dish. These modifications may appear to be unpleasant at first look, but they are actually easier than you think, and they are well worth it in the long run. Throughout the week, you’ll need to schedule your meals in a systematic manner. If your job allows it, it’s great to eat at the same time every day.
If you can’t keep this schedule to a tee, the most important thing is to avoid eating between meals.

The foundation of your vitality is fresh, healthy food. They are, in a nutshell, the wellspring of life. Many of the micro- and macronutrients your body requires to deliver all of the energy it can are found in unprocessed meals. Consider yourself an automobile, with your stomach serving as the gas tank. The engine will break down and the automobile will not move if you put anything in the tank. The same is true when it comes to food. You will be slower and more exhausted if you eat too much unhealthy food, and you will not be able to move forward.

You must adhere to a traditional eating routine, which includes breakfast, lunch, and supper, as well as two short snacks, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon (snack). Snacking is therefore completely forbidden. Apart from a few exceptions that can be made at the weekend, your diet must be within a strict framework.

Your turn: take this first step, see what comes up. You can share your thoughts and ask me questions in the comments below.


I’m a writer, new mom and foodie. I love sharing what I know while making others feel beautiful. On this blog, I share my healthy lifestyle, simple meals, fitness tips and experiences.

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