Fill Your Freezer {Option 1 with a Grocery List}

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Freezer cooking is a new phenomenon for me.  The girls over at Thriving Home Blog introduced me to this new way of living.  Honestly, if I could give you one tip that would bring peace in your home, outside of a relationship with Jesus, it would be: 



  1.  Planning your menus. 
  2.  Stocking your freezer. 


Okay, that’s two things, but really these two go hand in hand. When I have a menu plan I take all the things from our freezer cooking club party (Yes, we call it a party.  I mean, when you spend several hours hanging out with your friends and leave the “party” with six items to put in your freezer what else would you call it?!?) and plug the items into my monthly menu plan.  You are going to want to grab some friends and start planning your very own freezer cooking club party!  


Here’s what I do: 

  • We have 8 people in our party.  We have found that an even number works best.  I wouldn’t recommend more than 8 people. 
  • I text everyone the menu. If anyone wants to make changes they let that be known. 
  • A grocery list is made and then multiplied by 8. 
  • We set a time suitable for everyone. 
  • One person buys all the groceries and then everyone reimburses that person.
  • We meet.  We cook.  We laugh.  We have a BLAST.  And we leave with SIX items to put in our freezers. 

For a more information, check out Thriving Home’s posts here and here. 


 Please note, I’m sharing this menu and grocery list based on 8 people attending the party.  If you have more or less people you will need to adjust accordingly. Without further adieu, here are the six menu items you need to add to your freezer TODAY!!


On-the-Go Chicken Burritos by Thriving Home Blog

8 Chicken breasts

Taco Seasoning (I buy the big container at Costco.  You could always make your own.)

4 cans black beans

8 cans of corn

8 cups cooked rice

8 cups salsa

64 tortillas

8-12 cups of shredded cheese


Mexican Lasagna by Cleverly Simple

8 lbs. ground beef

Taco seasoning (Again, I buy this at Costco.  You could always make your own.)

8 cans refried beans (I cut this in half from the original recipe.)

40 tortillas

16 cups shredded cheddar cheese


Baked Penne Pasta by Thriving Home Blog

8 lbs ground beef 

8 lbs. italian sausage

8 cans diced tomatoes

16 (14.5 ounce) cans of tomato sauce

16 t. italian seasoning

red pepper flakes

8-16 ounces penne pasta

8 tubs ricotta cheese

8-12 cups mozzarella cheese

4 cups Parmesan cheese

8 eggs

garlic powder


Sausage Pinwheels by Chaos2Peace

24 cups of baking mix, plus a little extra 

8 lbs sausage

8 cups milk


Pizza Buns by Chaos2Peace

8 lbs. ground beef

4 lbs. hard salami

8 lbs. bacon

4 bags each frozen onions and green peppers

8 jars mushrooms

8 cans tomato soup

16 cups cheddar cheese


Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches by The Pioneer Woman

100 dinner rolls

16 lbs assorted lunch meat

50 slices of assorted cheese, cut in half




spicy mustard

Horseradish mayo



Extra grocery items or things around your home:

olive oil


disposable pans

zipper freezer bags

non-stick spray

rolling ping

pastry plastic

cheese grater




Try to cook your meat before the party. It will save a lot of time. 

If more than one person is going to be out, it’s a good idea to get subs. 

Don’t get bogged down with specific measurements.  Guess to the best of your ability. 

Use frozen, precut onions and peppers. 

Use two 8×8 pans to make casseroles instead of one 9×13. 

Keep things simple.  If there is something you want to adjust…do it. 

If your area has a grocery delivery system, by all means, use it!


I hope this will help you in planning your next FREEZER COOKING CLUB PARTY!  It is so easy…such a time saver…and SO much fun!





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