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Epic Things You Can Do As a Mom Before 9 AM

Morning habits are crucial for your mental health! It’s much more vital to be consistent in sticking to your routine. A morning routines for moms is like having the only allotted and ensured me time. We spend our days as mothers, serving our families from dawn to dusk (and every hour in between).

Waking up at five a.m. isn’t that hard once our kids have developed a good night pattern and have rewarded you with a full night’s sleep. Morning routines are a time for me to ponder and be selfish with my time because I’m the only one awake at five a.m. Today I want to share (what I’d love to actually do) things to conquer before 9 AM.

I read the book listened to the Audible book of “Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters” by Jon Acuff. It contained immense empowerment and had beautiful motivation throughout. This book has made an impact on my life. “Start” by Jon Acuff expressed that it is more than okay to be selfish with your time. This is as long as you have this selfish time that is not shared time.

Epic Things I’d Love to Actually Conquer Before 9 AM

Start the Day With Gratitude

I purchased my 5-minute journal in hopes that I would be in writing in it first thing every morning and the last thing I’d do every night. I haven’t gotten the chance to do this every single day, but whenever I start my day with it, I can put my most positive thoughts in the forefront of my brain.

People that have a high level of gratitude orientation are happier, more energetic, optimistic, and empathic. They’re also more inclined to engage in prosocial acts and believe the world treats them fairly. They also report less common physical diseases (migraines, stomachaches, etc. ), depressed symptoms, feelings of loneliness, envy, or even dissatisfaction.

Gratitude does not require that you wear rose-colored glasses all of the time. It also doesn’t mean that everything is perfect; it simply means that you’re conscious of your blessings, appreciate the little things, and recognize what you do have. Again, this isn’t just about obliviously disregarding the negative. Having a strong thankfulness orientation entails seeing the good in everything while remaining aware of the challenges. And, thankfully, this habit of gratitude may be improved.

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I realize and read my blessings. Then at the end of the day, even on my hardest of days, I look at the positive. When you begin and end your day with gratefulness, for tend to feel better about yourself. In the journal, there are also affirmations that you tell yourself for the day. For example, I tell myself that I am a beautifully, organized woman. I am far from the most organized, but faking it to I make it telling myself that affirmation makes me want to strive for greatness.

Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water something that may be on everyone’s list. When you start your day drinking water, you are rehydrating your internal organs and other awesome benefits. You also don’t want coffee to be the first fluid you drink. I love cucumber infused water… But I would love to be able to make this water every night so that it can be ready for me in the morning.

Because water makes up more than half of the human body, it’s essential to maintain it fresh and filled up in order to keep the body functioning properly. Remember that failing to meet the body’s water requirements has a variety of negative short- and long-term health implications. There’s a simpler way to reap the benefits of water and improve your overall health. You only need to drink water when you first wake up in the morning. It may appear to be simple, yet many people have failed to do so.

Free Write

Free writing something that I practiced before. Every time I free wrote, I was overjoyed. It decreased so many random thoughts going on in my head before really starting my day. There are exercises where you can write by hand three pages, or work on a document until you reach 750 words. When your mind is cloudy, this is the perfect exercise to brain dump. I did this during the holiday when stress levels were through the roof!

Drink a Soothing up of Coffee

So I have been pretty fond of coffee since I stopped breastfeeding. I was at my wits end not having any energy. I have grown to know what I like in coffee and have even invested in a Keurig. One day I hope to upgrade to a timed Keurig so that I can have my coffee waiting for my cashew milk when I get up in the morning.

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Plan Out My Day

The quality of your mornings is a reflection of the rest of your day. If you want to be more productive, start with a full morning routine that combines healthy behaviors and smart preparation. A precise plan for your day prevents you from becoming overwhelmed or distracted by an overflowing to-do list. You may map out your daily priorities and boost your daily productivity by planning every day.

The easiest method to ensure that you stay productive, motivated and effective during your mornings is to eliminate decision-making during the early hours. Start following your own morning routine instead of waking up in a frantic state every day. You must, of course, first develop it.

Right before I get my Poots out of bed, I love to open up my beautiful planner.  My Day Designer has the potential to provide so much peace… When I’m actually able to plan my day. I thrive the most when I break down my tasks into categories such as home, personal/family, work, and business. I try to limit what I have to do in each category so that I do not get overwhelmed. I do not use my Day Designer for deep tracking blog-related tasks unless it is an event. I use CoSchedule for everything editorial calendar!


One of the most exhausting job in the world is being a mother. Many of us are also unable to take advantage of our alone time due to traditional mom guilt. After all, what sort of mother prioritizes her own needs over those of her children?  However, before you can care for your children, you must first take care of yourself. You may be accustomed to putting others ahead of yourself, which is a lovely trait. Unfortunately, if you keep doing so, your mental health and well-being may deteriorate as a result.

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Remember before you had children, you were able to take a shower? Like even twice a day? I am still reluctant to wash my tail if I have to stay in the home and catch up on housely things. Since waking up early, I cherish my hour alone in the mornings. I have come to develop a consistent skin care routine that I am serious about. I love makeup, but don’t believe that means anything if you have not taken care of your skin first.

I have loved my Michael Todd Soniclear Brush (the specific brush I have is an older version) since I saw it on YouTube for years. I took the plunge and got it about a year ago, and I am still in love with it! Ulta now has these items in their store. I am over the moon for this! The other products from Michael Todd that I am currently loving is my charcoal cleanser, eye cream, toner, and face scrub.

Please note that I bought these items when there was a 50% off sale during the holiday… Skin care can be pricey. But I have seen an improvement in my skin since using the products consistently. My skin is more even toned, and my eyes do not seem as dark without concealer who is bae.


I wanted to read more books, but I couldn’t seem to find the time, energy, or motivation to do so. But that all changed when I established a morning routine. After conducting some study, I was astounded to learn that reading can help to slow down and possibly prevent diseases. According to studies, reading can aid and prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
It was a fascinating advantage to explore, and I’ll tell you more about it in a few moments.

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I like to catch up with my favorite blogs in the morning. I love scrolling through my Bloglovin list or just typing in one of my favorite bloggers URLs to see what they’ve been up to! Or I like to do the prior things above while listening to an Audible Book. Like Magic of Tidying up or Start!


Adult coloring has been all the rave lately. I purchased an adult coloring book but haven’t opened it just yet. When I did color, I felt a feeling of relaxation. Coloring can be an excellent task to do to unwind before your hectic day starts.

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So you thought I was about to leave this out? I am trying to figure out how I can incorporate this into my morning routine. Apparently exercise is one of the best ways to start your day. Maybe I will get this down pact one day and be a gym rat!

An Early Morning Workout has numerous advantages. The first is that you’ll cross it off your to-do list, and no one will take away your ‘personal time.’ A sense of success in the morning can also help you have a healthier day. You build a better mentality when you wake up and exercise, which makes you more conscious of what you eat throughout the day.


5 am. Wake up. Drink my water. Get my eyes to open all the way.

5:05 am. Take shower/Skin Care Routine/Get dressed (I need about an hour, and this is if I do not go to the gym!)

6 am. Drink Coffee/Gratitude/Plan day

6:15 am. Read/Free Write/Color/Or doing some of the KonMari methods decluttering (Still working through my relapse)

6:45 am. Empty dishwasher/Start Laundry

7 am. Get Poots up and breakfast time/dressed

8 am. Morning walk (post will go live!!)

8:30 am. Drop Poots at Daycare

9 am. Workday begins.

So this is my perfect morning routine! I would feel like a bawse if I were able to accomplish this every weekday. I set goals to be able to do this and will try my darndest not to allow these goals to fail. It is so important to have a big picture in mind of what you want your day to look like.

What are some things that you incorporate into your morning routine? How do you fit exercise into your morning routine without sacrificing your alone time? Share your ideal morning routine with me. I’d love to know what everyone else wishes to complete before the day starts at 9 am! I’d love to know in the comments. Don’t forget to pin for later!


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