Eating Healthy 108: Traveling (Again)

Wow — what a week this has been already! Sorry this is late…things have been utterly nuts. We scrambled down the mountain yesterday and have been moving nonstop ever since. We went to bed around 11 last night, after frantically tying up loose ends like packing, laundry, dishes, and making sure our garden plenty was harvested and given to friends (we were amazed at how much our summer squash alone had erupted just while we were out of town this weekend). My parents, husband, and I were all up at 3:15am, and the BFF Manfriend dropped us off along with the luggage at the bus stop by 4am. He parked back at our place, and then rode his bike at hyper speed for a mile and a half, up a huge hill, and made it to the stop by 4:10 (Dad timed him). Yes, I married a rockstar. By 4:40 we had embarked on the hour and a half journey to the airport.

You’ve probably read about some of the travel exploits of the past (ahem — Trade Joe’s and a hobo fridge, anyone?)… So, I thought I would give you an idea of how I prepared for two vegetarians, of which one who is gluten-free, one diabetic supertaster, and one really easygoing mother as we faced a very long, busy day of flying, driving, running (between flights), and, apparently, biking. As a result, everyone is comfortable, healthy, and still excited to be together.

I figured we would need substantial snacks, considering we wouldn’t have access to a real meal until late tonight. I don’t know how we did it, but we managed to fit the following in our carry-ons along with our embarrassingly extensive book collection (observe just one of literally 15 books I, alone, brought, and crammed in with some food):

– organic cherries
– apples
– a LOT of roasted almonds
– organic raisins
– 3 large sweet potatoes, baked in rounds the night before (I am the only sweet potato lover in my family at the moment)
– one dozen organic, ethically-sourced boiled eggs
– baggie of salt and pepper
– gallon-size ziploc of salad with dressing (I know, this wasn’t my best idea…)
– an entire loaf of GF bread (which many of you may know, is like a 10 lb brick)
– organic cheese for the cheese-eaters
– Dad’s peanut M & Ms (for blood sugar drops)
– water bottles

We all had a little something before we left the house, and have been snacking on the peanuts that we were surprised with on our flight. Who knew that an airline had a gluten-free option?! There was much rejoicing from the girl in seat 38B. (Psst. I’m that girl.) I was worried that Dad might end up having a difficult time regulating his insulin levels, but the walking refrigerator (it’s the new ghetto fabulous trick) worked out very well! Sure, we might have been the not-so cool kids sitting on the floor in Atlanta’s airport, shelling eggs and smelling like the week after Easter, but we were totally delighted to not have a huge McDonald’s bag and super-sized gallon of Coke, like most everyone else seemed to.

Anyway, we are about to land in Ft. Myers, Florida — I can see that gorgeous water from my window! — and take our rental car to Naples.

I have been dreaming of this trip literally (<– for Gretchen) since I was twelve years old, when I first came to this area to visit a tiny island with my family. But more on that later. For now, I just wanted to let you know I’m still alive, and still doing ridiculous things when I travel.

Like that will change.

I am sure blogging will be a little weird over these next two weeks, but please know that I am so grateful that you keep reading, and if I could be more frequent and consistent in publishing without throwing my life into imbalance this summer, I totally would. When school starts up this fall, I have a feeling reliable routine will dictate more normalcy in posting (in contrast to the unpredictability of my travels and responsibilities recently). Thank you so much for understanding that this is what I need to do to “nourish flourishing” in my life right now  : )


What food do you usually take on plane trips?

What are you doing to nourish flourishing in your life at the moment?

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