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Doomsday Moose: Learning Survival Thinking from Rural People

People have different lifestyles, which they prefer to get along with, in their lifetime. Some people are very fond of discussing survival lifestyle topics and things related to it. But others want to stick with the lifestyle they are living and they have no interest in such survival discussions. This group can be divided in two branches. One group consists of those people who are ready to reject the convenient lifestyle of today and adopt a life, which is unique and creative. The second group is the one in which people think that their current lifestyle is simple and convenient for them.

Many of us modern day people cannot think of living on a farm miles away from town. But people living in rural area and the farming life can teach us many things. The most significant personality trait that these people enable us to acquire is their basic attitude. Their attitude is a survivalist mentality, they have the attitude of being as independent as possible to earn and maintain their living. They do not depend on others for their survival. This attitude usually makes them very helpful and generous in nature because they know the hardships of life very deeply.

These people also have the excellent ability of improvisation. They have learned the admirable skill of making do with what they have and many can do this in fantastic ways. This necessary skill of improvising helps them to very easily create new ways of doing things. They can manage just about any type of event using their physical tools and knowledge that they possess. They know the importance of taking care of what they presently have, because that is all they have. This attitude is necessary for any survivalist minded person.

We can also learn from these fine independent people the quality of planning for the future. You can observe this quality in their various acts and their way of living. This desire to ‘save for the rainy day’ makes them able to live on their own in times of need. In lean times they can still remain independent and do not need any help or charity from others. The ability to plan for the future is a very necessary ability if we desire a greater sense of independence.

These independent rural-minded farmer individuals have mastered the fine art of using available resources with efficiency. They make use primarily of natural, rather than artificial resources to live their lives. For instance, these people build houses made of wood and use it also to cook their food. Using available resources is many times what basic survival is all about.

All these qualities make rural living persons unique and appreciated. These survivalist qualities can be adopted by any independent minded individuals and can be applied to dealing with various situations we face during different times of our lives. Once you start adjusting your mindset to more survivalist type of thinking, your actions will follow. And you will find that it is fun to do your work on your own with the available resources, the basis of a survivalist mindset. You may be amazed to see what you can achieve using this type of thinking and planning.

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