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DIY Body Oil for Mama & Baby

We use body oils on a daily basis in our home and enjoy the variety and alternatives they provide. Body oils are commonly used to moisturize our bodies and faces, as well as for massage. After a shower, I use our handmade oils as a deep moisturizing massage oil (I’m one of those persons who thinks the hotter the water, the better!) or as a nighttime facial oil
For my 17-month-old daughter, I have a baby-safe body oil blend that we use on a regular basis to hydrate and nourish her delicate skin.

Why We Make Our Own

Skin Sensitivity

One of the many reasons I choose to make our own truly natural bath and body products is because my daughter and I are what I like to call, “delicate flowers.” When it comes to sensitivity, whether it is in regards to food, mainstream body lotions or artificial ingredients, our skin typically freaks out. Since we’ve started creating our own blends, we have noticed a huge difference in the health and feel of our skin.


I also love that we can easily tailor the blend to set a specific mood or mindset. When I want to calm her before bedtime, I use a blend of lavender and roman chamomile essential oil in her baby oil – with proper dilution of course. And when I need a little pick me up in the morning, when no amount of caffeine or sugar will save me, I reach for my sweet orange body oil. The options are truly endless!


Not to mention, a lot of mainstream body oils are full of mineral oil + artificial ingredients, so making or buying truly natural body oil is always healthier!

Types of Skin Loving Oils


Carrier oils, in most cases, are liquid oil extracted from plant parts, such as seeds or  the flesh of the fruit. They can act as a barrier or a moisturizer, with a wide range of skin soothing benefits. They can be used with essential oils, as a base for herbal infusions, or alone to simply moisturize your skin.

The following carrier oils, also known as base oils, are some of my favorite body oil options when blending for babies, children and sensitive momma’s.  My favorite part about creating body oil blends is the freedom to create products that are tailored to a specific skin issue or personal preference of texture.  I also like to make sure that any carrier oil used is baby + child safe.  The biggest concern would be a nut allergy, so do you research + use your best judgment!


Sweet Almond Oil (Pranus amygdalus)

A light to medium weight, light colored oil extracted from the kernels of the almond tree. Sweet Almond Oil is high in vitamins A + E, as well as fatty acids (omega 9 & 6) and antioxidants. It absorbs well and is great for most skin types, especially dry, irritated or itchy skin. Those with acne or oily prone skin should try and avoid sweet almond oil or mix with another light weight, non-clogging oil like grapeseed.

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Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus armeniaca)

Also a lightweight oil with a light golden color and little to no scent. It is extracted from the kernel of the apricot fruit either through solvent extraction (chemical) or cold pressed. I always suggest cold pressed and organic when possible! Apricot kernel oil spreads well on skin and absorbs rather quickly, without leaving a greasy feeling. This oil is full of fatty acids like oleic (omega-9) and linoleic (omega-6) and Vitamin E. It is recommended for sensitive or mature skin. Apricot oil is similar to sweet almond oil, so those with acne should try to avoid it, or mix with a less pore clogging oil.

Coconut Oil (cocos nucifer)

A very popular, multifaceted oil that is extracted from the fruit of the coconut tree. It liquefies at temperatures above 76F and melts easily onto your skin when applied. It has a very smooth, silky feel to it and is ideal for all skin types, especially those with dry patches or rough spots. As always, choose an organic, unrefined coconut oil so your skin receives all of the true benefits like capric, caprylic and lauric acid.

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Grapeseed Oil (Vitis vinifera)

A light green, lightly scented oil that is extracted from grape vines. It’s full of antioxidants, vitamin E + essential fatty acids. It is a lightweight oil that is easily absorbed and won’t leave a greasy residue. Its suitable for all skin types, especially those who prefer a quick drying oil. Personally, I find this oil great for a body oil, but feels a little heavy when used alone as a facial moisturizer. I tend to mix this one with another oil.

Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis)

This is one of my favorite oils for so many reasons! It’s actually an oil and a liquid wax pressed from the seeds of the jojoba plant. Jojoba oil closely mimics our own skin’s sebum, making it ideal for everyone, including those prone to oily or trouble skin.  Because of it’s ability to act like a wax, jojoba oil helps break up the dirt + grime in clogged pores and help balances our oil production.

Jojoba oil also helps our skin retain moisture, making it perfect for body oils used right out of a hot shower or during dry, cold winter months. It is full of fatty acids + Vitamin E, which smooth’s and softens skin and can reduce the appearance of fine lines. It’s naturally a deep golden color, but colorless options are available.

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Now… Let’s get DIY’ing!


Now let’s take your new/revived/never lost it love of DIY’ing and make some body oil for you and your little one. It’s super easy, I promise.

DIY Body Oil for Mama + Baby




  1. Combine your 2oz of Sweet Almond Oil and 2oz of Apricot Kernel Oil into a measuring cup or pourable container. This becomes your body oil base for both Mama + Baby Body Oil. Pretty easy, right?
  1. For our Baby Oil Blend, use 3 drops of Lavender essential oil in your empty glass bottle. This is a .5% dilution that’s great for babies 6 months and older. I love using lavender around our little ones for its calming and comforting aroma. If you want an unscented version or newborn safe body oil, skip this step!
  1. Now fill your bottle with the pre-blended base oil. Once capped, lightly shake the bottle to combine oils. Congrats Mama, you just made a simple baby oil blend! Now it’s your turn!
  1. For our Mama Oil Blend, grab your glass bottle with dropper and add 12 drops of Sweet Orange essential oil. This is a 2% dilution that is perfect for grown ups. I love using Sweet Orange for its mood boosting and refreshing scent.
  1. Next, fill your bottle with the remaining base oil blend of Sweet Almond + Apricot Kernel. Again, once capped, lightly shake to combine oils.
  1. Lastly, wipe down any spills on your bottles and add labels. I personally use pretty wasabi tape for my at home DIY blends. I like to either write a note with ingredients and the date made in a notebook, or write it on my labels. I recommend making a new batch of oils every 6-12 months. They will hold up well in a cool, dark place, out of direct sunlight.

There are so many versions of this simple DIY Mama + Baby Body Oil that can be created for your growing family’s needs. Have fun, try different blends and find which ones you love most. And when you use essential oils properly, the options become almost endless for what you can come up with!

Enjoy Pretty Mama!!!


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