Dehydration symptoms in a teenager

What is Dehydration?

Dehydration means Excessive loss in body water. It is the disease of the gastrointestinal tract. This causes diarrhea or vomiting. Dehydration also causes due to heat exposure, prolonged vigorous exercise, and kidney disease. Dehydration symptoms in teenager are very important to know in the summer season.

Lets see causes symptoms remedies of dehydration in teenagers

of Dehydration

is the most common disease of Dehydration.

The human body roughly consists of 75 % water. And water is found within the blood vessels, within the cells, and between the cells.

The water which our body consist constantly lost
throughout the day as we breathe, urinate, sweat, and defecate. We fulfill this
consistency by drinking fluids.

Drinking water will depend on things like age, size, level of physical activity and weather.

Dehydration can be mostly treated by increasing fluid intake. Whereas in severe cases severe dehydration requires immediate medical attention.

We can find different symptoms according to the age of
human being.

Dehydration symptoms in teenager

1.  People who are
developing dehydration feel very thirsty.

2.  Decrease in
Urine production and the urine will be in dark color.

3. Darker urine means you are Dehydrated.

4. Mostly teenager dehydration can occur without thirst.

5. Feeling lightheaded and dizzy.

6. Mouth of dehydrated person will be sticky.

7. feels sick as the body system is affected.

8. Fever over 101F

9. Difficulty in breathing and Chest or abdominal pain.

10. Feels tired or sleepy.

11. Dry skin

12. Dizziness

13. Constant vomiting

14. Confusion

15. Fainting

Prevention of Dehydration in a teenager

Prevention is always better than suffering from the diseases. Many people suffer from dehydration especially the teenagers doesn’t drink enough water as they require to go to the washrooms many times.

Many teenagers don’t like to carry water bottles; they
think it doesn’t look good. Due to less intake of water.

Sip small amount of water frequently.

Suck on popsicles made from juices.

Sip through a straw.

Suck on ice chips.

If you are going out during a warm day, wear appropriate cotton clothes or loose fitting clothes and a hat. So that the sun rays directly can’t effect on your body.

Even sometimes if you feel dizzy take break, relax in a cool place and drink some water.

Teenagers even participating in physical activities and sports activities. Then you have to drink water every 20 minutes. It is better to avoid playing sunny day or play sports during early mornings and late evenings.

Dehydration symptoms in a teenager Gastrointestinal infection

If you are spending lots of time getting acquainted with
the toilet. And you may feel like drinking water or eating anything. But need
fluids. Then take small sips of fluids. You can even take ice pops to tolerate
the situation.


Mostly doctors divide the Dehydration into three stages:

1. Mild   

2. Moderate  

3. Severe

Mild Dehydration can mostly treated by drinking fluids.

Avoid commercial beverages and try to drink the coconut water and juices.

If the level of dehydration is high as you are not able to
hold on any fluids, feeling week or dizzy then you should visit your doctor.
Then it is the Moderate dehydration.

Frequent dehydration is the sign of something more
serious. So consult your doctor.

If you are more dehydrated then you can be given fluids through IV (into a vein) at a hospital.

It is the best method to rehydrate.

Adults and teenagers must be given with the electrolytes and carbohydrates.

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