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Degrees That Will Help You The Most In An Apocalypse

Everyone prepares for the apocalypse in different ways. These changes can be especially varied if someone focuses on the ever-popular zombie apocalypse versus a more Fallout or Mad Max style apocalypse. Almost everyone, however, underestimates the power of a proper college degree in an apocalypse.


Agricultural Degrees

In most peoples’ minds, the apocalypse sets the world back to a simpler but more chaotic time. In these scenarios, being able to get food is an utter necessity. No longer can you go to a supermarket to buy food. Scavenging and hunting become the norm. With an agricultural degree, you can learn how to create your own farm and have some form of sustainable living where you can focus your time in figuring out how to properly thrive in the new apocalyptic world. Food and nutrients, of course, will be in scarcity. If you can properly raise and grow food, you have obtained a huge bartering chip for other, sometimes luxury, goods.

Some sort of Medical Degree

Being a medical doctor or even registered nurse is optimal. However, someone with training in emergency medicine is also extremely useful. In terms of a pure college degree, biology, physiology, or other degree that focuses on life and the human body will be invaluable. Basic healthcare and knowledge of the human body is necessary in any apocalypse setting. Without some form of basic care, something as simple as a scrape or bite can become infected and potentially deadly. In the apocalypse where technology is scarce, such medical emergencies should be avoided at all costs. Any form of medical knowledge and first aid will be incredibly valuable.


Architectural Knowledge

Proper shelter is incredibly important in any apocalyptic setting. Inevitably, something in the house will break, or a quick shelter will need to be built. An architect, at the very least, can plan out an optimized building for housing. Physically building a building is easy with enough labor, but making sure that it is sound in accordance to the laws of physics is something only a skilled person will know. As the apocalypse will completely turn the world upside down, a nomadic lifestyle may very well be necessary. By being able to quickly build shelters, an architect will make living both easier and with less danger. Housing blueprints, too, can be a useful tool for trading as they are easy to copy, but not easy to create.


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An Engineering Degree is Crucial

The concept of engineering is highly varied as there are many forms of engineers. Almost any kind of engineering degree would be invaluable in the apocalypse. A team of civil engineers, for instance, can easily make plans to patch roads when necessary. Chemical and biomedical engineers will also be crucial to survival. With their background, they have the ability to make, extract, or grow certain medicines. In a more conceptual manner, engineers are all ‘STEM’ majors, that is, they fall under the category of knowing science, technology, engineering, and math. Besides their specialized knowledge, STEM majors must know how to problem solve, something that many people cannot do on a higher level.



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