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Creating Safe Spaces in Your Home for an Emergency

When an emergency or major disaster strikes, you need to be ready. In the likely event that you’ll be at home when this big event or uprising happens, it’s important to not only have a plan, but to already have a safe space in place. This safe space can act as a place to hide, a place for storage, or a place to escape from. Here we look at how you can go about creating safe spaces in your home and the different ways to prepare for an emergency.

Hidden Bookcase Door – Installation

A hidden bookcase door is a great way to create a safe room. This door is modeled as a bookcase and should fit seamlessly into the look of your home, and no one would know an entire room is hidden on the other side. Unless you tell someone about the door, they wouldn’t know it existed. Especially if you choose to conceal a back room or one that cannot be easily perceived by the shape of your home.

Installing a hidden bookcase door is surprisingly simple, whether you’re an experienced contractor or a novice do-it-yourselfer. Most hidden doors will come in an unfinished wood, so you’ll have the option to paint or stain it to make sure it blends with the rest of your home properly.

Of course, if the bookcase door is too big of an investment or you don’t have an inconspicuous place for it, you can choose a flat panel door instead. These flat panel hidden door can be installed and blended with the rest of your wall to conceal your safe room or storage space.

Different Uses for the Hidden Bookcase Door

Depending on your home’s layout and your perceived needs, here are a few ways to utilize a hidden bookcase door.

  • Safe room: This is the most obvious move. If any kind of emergency occurs and you need a central base camp or a hideout to ride out in secret, creating a safe room with a hidden door is perfect.
  • Secret exit: This idea can be two-fold. Create a safe room with a hidden door, and then include a second hidden door in the safe room for a secret exit. On the other hand, you could also install the hidden door as simple a hidden exit on any wall in your home. Exiting from a position that isn’t expected can be beneficial depending on the emergency or intruder situation.
  • Food/supply storage: If you don’t have a full room to conceal, you can still create a secret safe space to store necessary emergency supplies. Not only will the hidden room keep the items safe, but the fewer people who know about it means that no one will pilfer the supply ahead of a real emergency. Consider storing “grab and go” style bags packed and ready for every member of your home.

When it comes to creating a safe space in your home, the options are endless with a hidden door. You’ll feel comforted by having safe storage or a place to hide no matter what is happening in the world.

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