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Be sure to check out Random House’s Seussville.  The Author section has a timeline, a biography, a short video about some of his lost work and clips from animated versions of books. There are nine options in the Games section.  The games Hop on Pop and Fox in Socks encourage literacy and are good for emergent readers. Some of the games, like The Cat in the Hat Cleans This and That are more difficult and I suggest you watch How To Play. The Oh The Places! game covers facts about states and is better for older students with some knowledge about geography.  How the Grinch Saved Christmas and A-maze-ing Green Eggs and Ham are strategy games.  Horton Hears A Tune contains three musical games.

The Printable Activities section has a lot of options, but most of them are matching or coloring worksheets.  I recommend some of the rhyming activities, the Dr. Seuss Bookmark Reading Passport and Stickers, and the Horton Hears You Letter. houses its own list of Dr. Seuss lessons.  They vary greatly and must be clicked through to see the details, so here are my recommendations:

  • Scrambled Eggs Super! (Pre-K-2) would be useful as a center activity or with a small reading group.  After reviewing rhyming words from the book, students play a matching game with rhyming words in plastic eggs.
  • Butter Battle Book (Grades 1-5) uses the conflicts in the book to discuss the reasons for and the solutions to those conflicts.  It concludes with students discussing their differences and why they value each other.
  • Foot Book (Pre-K-2) is a lesson done often in math.  Students use pre-cut feet to perform non-standard measurements in the classroom.


Modern Parents Messy Kids has a recipe for Oobleck to make after reading Bartholomew and the Oobleck.

Set up a silly Seuss photo booth with either DIY or purchased props:   

Lorax Mustache on a Stick Tutorial

Elephant Ears


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