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Best Books for Women Travelers

Pop quiz: What’s a common activity among travelers? Answer: Reading. And why not?  Not only is reading a great way to learn something new, it also can calm the mind and reduce stress. And Vera Marie Badertscher should know. Vera is the founder of A Traveler’s Library – a website that suggests books, movies, music, and …


A Guide to Hiking Acatenango

Hiking Acatenango is at the top of the must-do activities in Guatemala. This hike can definitely be a challenge, especially if if you don’t have any training. However, the sight of the great natural fireworks of the erupting Fuego volcano and the breathtaking 360 degrees view of Guatemala from the summit are worth it! If …

Places to visit in Munich

10 Things You Can’t Miss in Munich

Munich has always fascinated visitors. It enjoys an incomparable historical and cultural heritage. This is what the millions of tourists who come to visit Munich every year appreciate. But being a foreigner is not enough to love Munich, it is not uncommon to be surprised when discovering or rediscovering one of the wonders the city …

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