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ways to eat nutella

80 Ways To Eat Nutella

We are a Nutella obsessed household. I’ve been eating Nutella on toast as a snack, breakfast, or dessert since I was a little girl…& after learning that my daughter was allergic to peanuts, she became a Nutella addict as well. We consume Nutella while the kids eat PB&Js elsewhere. Since there’s usually a large amount of …


15 Minute Lemon Caper Kale

Lately I’ve had all sorts of NO time to cook. I don’t wanna deal with roasting veggies for hours or slaving over chicken; and laziness has defiantly led me to a lettuce wrapped burger from In-N-Out every now and then. While there’s no shame in ordering your favorite burger once in a while, it’s not …


Paleo Eggplant Lasagna

Confession time. I honestly wasn’t planning on posting this. Like zero intention. Sometimes you just wanna cook and not measure a damn thing ya know? So let me just say, IM SORRY. I didn’t measure salt and pepper. I also didn’t precisely measure the amount of cashews, basil, garlic powder or kale. But I have …

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