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staying fit
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Staying Fit for Free

Did you start out the New Year with a resolution to live a healthier life? After several weeks of holiday eating, our bodies sure can use a break from the larger portions and all those sweets! If you live in the north like I do, the grey weather and long dark days can make us …

woman feeling stressed
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How Does Stress Make Us ill?

Before we get stuck in, though, let’s just remind ourselves of the evidence that stress, particularly chronic stress, does make us ill.  Many people, particularly people with no interest in reading about this kind of thing, often write off stress as “all in the mind” but it’s not as simple as that. The evidence that …

benefits of green tea
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Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is regarded as one of the world’s healthiest beverages. Besides water, there would be no healthier and lower calorie way to add fluids to the body. You’ve certainly heard many stories regarding Green Tea and Weight Loss, but there are a slew of other advantages that most people overlook or are completely unaware …

face swelling during pregnancy
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Tips To Reduce Facial and Lips Swelling During Pregnancy

While swollen facial skin, especially around the eyes, lips, cheeks, nose and forehead can be quite visible during pregnancy, many women don’t realize why they experience these symptoms. Some causes of swelling during pregnancy include; hormonal changes, increased blood volume, increased body weight, enlarged breasts, increased lymphatic flow and fluid retention. What Causes Swelling During …

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