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Cardio Or Strength training – Which is Better for Reducing Belly Fat?

Which training style do you think is more effective to reduce the waist circumference? Either cardio (e.g. running, aerobics, cycling) or strength training (lifting weights in the gym). Today, we look at three interesting studies to shed more light on this topic:

Before you start reading, know that body weight is not a good indicator of waist circumference. Body fat percentage is a much better indicator of a person’s “slimness”:


The first study looked at 44 overweight girls divided into three groups: group I ran/cycled three times a week for an hour at a time (cardio group); group II lifted weights in the gym at the same time – also three times a week for an hour at a time (weight training group); group III did no exercise (control group). Diet was not changed during the study. After three months, the girls were weighed again and found that none had lost any weight. There was a slight reduction in body fat percentage. In the cardio exercise group, visceral fat, or fat in the abdominal cavity between the organs, decreased in particular. Visceral fat is associated with many health problems, especially heart disease and diabetes.

Study II compared 119 overweight adults divided into three groups: A strength-training group, a cardio-training group and a strength+cardio-training group. After 8 months of exercise, the results were reviewed and it was concluded that the strength+cardio group and then the cardio group had the most effective reductions in body fat percentage. Muscle mass gains were most significant in the strength training group and then in the strength+cardio group. Only the cardio group even showed a slight decrease in muscle mass. Here is a summary of the study results in table form: scale

Study III is the most recent and one of the largest studies done on this topic. It is the most recent and most recent study of its kind, and the most recent of its kind. In total, it looked at around 10 500 men, examining the relationship between their waist circumference and physical activity. Analysis of the results showed that men who are most active in weight training have the smallest waist circumference.

Strength Training

Strength training also allows you to develop your strength and muscle mass. Strength is also used during cardiovascular training. The development of muscles leads to the toning of the muscles. Depending on what you eat, they get stronger or they get bigger. There are simple bodybuilding exercises to both lose the belly-thigh-hip area. They do not target the stomach but make the sheathing work like no other. Unlike the movements focused on the abdominal area, these movements solicit the lower body but also the core of your body that are the abdominals. The difficulty, since you don’t feel the burn, is knowing that your abs are working too.

To lose belly fat, the first and only essential action is to create a caloric deficit. You can train hard and develop muscular abdominal muscles, but if you consume too many calories and therefore have a caloric surplus, you will not lose your belly fat.

It is important to remember this notion of excess or deficit caloric intake to lose belly fat. You must determine the food intake you need to lose weight and calmly carry out your diet. There is no need to be very restrictive, by following the following tips, you will considerably improve your diet and you will lose belly.


  • You can’t get lean without changing your diet. The only way to reduce body fat is to maintain a moderate calorie deficit. Calorie restriction can only be achieved through diet and more can be spent exercising.
  • The most effective exercise for lowering body fat percentage is the exercise that consumes the most calories. Cardio exercise is generally more intense than strength training, so it helps burn more calories and is a faster method of reducing fat mass than strength training.
  • Exercise training is best for increasing muscle mass. People with more muscle mass also burn more calories at rest, so more muscle mass is more likely to help maintain a low body fat percentage. That’s why people with smaller waist circumferences are most likely to be weight-trainers.

So, when exercising, you should definitely do both cardio and strength training. Only those who do cardio intensively may lose body fat quickly, but without muscle mass the results may not be sustainable and the body may not look in shape. However, for those who only strength train, beautiful muscles can be hidden under a layer of fat, although with the help of nutrition, it is possible to achieve very good results in the long term with strength training alone, especially lasting results. Combining the two exercises with a healthy diet is probably the most effective way to achieve the desired form.

Despite the low body fat, muscle mass still provides a good appearance.

We hope this will help you achieve your goals. However, each person should still choose the exercise that suits them best, because forcing yourself won’t get you far. Another important factor when choosing a workout is sticking to it. Loss of consistency is the main reason why many people still fail to reach the goals they set themselves.



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