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Camping With Kids – Tips For Parents

Over the past weekend, we went on our second family camping trip that wasn’t in our backyard. If you are a long time reader, you will know how big of a deal this is for us and our kids.

We are not the “roughing it” or “outdoor adventure” family. Our version of family camping last time involved a long list of things to pack for camping trip like big tent, pillows, electrical hookup, laptop and Nintendo DS.

Family Camping with Cub Scout

This trip is different. It’s a camping trip with the cub scout. There were no electric hookup, no electronic and no wifi.

I wasn’t sure how we will do during that weekend. One saving grace was that we would not be the only camper there. It’s a group camping so I hoped for the kindness of my neighbor.

And I was not disappointed!

We survived!

The campsite is huge and on the lake!! It’s a private camping ground for Boy Scout of USA and the location is privately guarded.

We got there a little bit late and with a long line to check in we arrived at our site when the Sun already went down.

As soon as we pulled in and unloaded our stuff which I realized that I packed too much (There will be another post about lesson learned on this one.), we were approached by another family and helped us find an empty site to start setting up our tent.

First Test for Us, Setting Up a Tent at Night

I have to say that I was pretty proud of us to be able to setup our tent at night with just lantern and headlamp under 30 minutes. Granted, tents these days are much easier to set it up as long as you follow the instruction.

Our secret weapon was we did our dress rehearsal the previous weekend. We did a backyard camping with our friends who came to Cub Scout camping with us. And I’m glad we did.

No Need for Toys

camping with kids

Another great thing of camping with a group of people is the fun the kids had. We don’t have to worry about finding things to do for kids on family camping trip as they immediately found new friends to run around in the wood while adults were busy unpacking and settling down.

The next morning we were ready for a full fun day of activities. There were many fun activities planned throughout the day for the boys and siblings.

kid practising archery

My son took part in the Archery. I had to say it wasn’t bad for his first time trying. He was able to hit the target 2 out of 3 times.

We then spent the majority of the day waiting in line for more activities. I guess it’s part of learning to be patience. By dinner time, we were so tired and ready to bed. BUT there were more activities after dark!

Trick-or-Treating at Night in the Wood

After a fabulous dinner of hot dog and vegetable soup, kids were ready for yet more fun at night. We started off with joining the Halloween parade where the judges gave out prizes during the costume contest.

This was our first year attending this event so next year we already talk about new and improve costume.

The trick-or-treating was definitely a highlight of the night for us. We walked along the path to different campsites in the dark with just the light source from our flashlight. The atmosphere made the event more fun for them but not scary because there were so many kids walking at the same time.

As we stepped into our tent for the last night, the kids were hardly up long enough to change themselves into their pajamas before they were fast asleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age for camping?

When it comes to taking a child camping, the optimal age is whenever you are comfortable. Before taking your children camping or even doing it for yourself, you should think about a few things. Many children have effective and enjoyable camp experiences as early as six years old, but this is too young for the majority of children. For some parents, the idea of their child attending camp (without them) is unthinkable. “He’s not ready for camp” might also indicate “you’re not ready for camp.”

It might be difficult for parents to accept that their child can function without them, and it’s a major step to allow them to participate in summer camp alone. There are a few National Park campsites that provide free camping without a permit during the off-season, but they are few and far between. The rules for private campsites may differ. Call your local campsite and inquire about any age limits that they may have.

If you’re simply asking how old you have to be to stay at a campsite, there is usually no age limit. We will constantly emphasise the importance of including your children in every step of the process. When children feel that they are truly a part of the event and are able to participate, they gain so much more from it.

What is the best advice for camping with kids?

The first step is to choose a fantastic kid-friendly camp site for your next family holiday, but carrying the correct items is just as vital for assuring camping enjoyment! Camping, like every other family activity, necessitates flexibility and a willingness to adjust to the situation. It is simple to alleviate some of the tension that children may experience while attempting something new with a little preparedness.

Organize your camping goods so that everything is labelled and simple to find once you arrive at your camping location.
Your campground, like your home, is your home away from home, and you’ll need everything to be easy to recognise and grab when you need it, or for the unexpected. You don’t have to consume cold baked beans or chalky energy bars just because you’re outside. Sausage, zucchini,  potatoes, mushrooms, rice, and spice were all neatly packed and chopped with my pocket knife before being tossed into a small skillet filled with water. The resulting stew sizzled over hot coals, sending delectable aromas into the cool evening air.

In your tent, you’re staying warm. Even though it’s sunny throughout the day, it might turn chilly at night. Pack as many blankets as you can and keep one for each person at the foot of their sleeping bag so you can pile on extra layers if your child wakes up cold. Modern tents feature several sleeping compartments, but with little children, it’s best to sleep with everyone packed in together to share warmth and so that parents may add blankets or slip toddlers back into sleeping bags during the night.

When does camping season begin, whether you’re pitching a tent or hauling a mobile home? And when is the greatest time of year to go camping? Each style of camping has its own set of attractions, benefits, and drawbacks. For one thing, various seasons provide varied perspectives and forms of light.

Campgrounds are packed with campers and families during the summer months, especially in June and July. These are prime camping months since children are out of school and the weather is ideal for outdoor activities. Furthermore, because most families choose to take holidays during the summer, visiting campsites becomes more possible.

We all know that rain can ruin any outdoor activity, but when you’re on the road and camping, it becomes a much greater issue. Setting up camp in damp weather, or even just doing activities like cooking your food or conducting house repairs, will take longer than normal since there is more water around. If you don’t use waterproofing tents, this might become really uncomfortable since not only do they get saturated from outside rainfall, but also from interior condensation, which leads to decreased dryness within the tent and, if you’re unfortunate, mould development!

Camping has distinct on and off seasons in most parts of the nation. This is mostly owing to the very cold temperatures experienced throughout the winter. The camping season begins in most regions in early April. The first day of the season is usually around March. The season normally lasts until late October, when the temperature begins to drop again. This time of year, from spring through fall, is ideal for arranging a camping vacation.

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Memory that Last A Lifetime

The next morning was bittersweet. It was one of the best weekend we have had outdoor and one that I know we will remember for a really long time.

It was something as simple as sleeping in the tent and running wild in the wood that create such a long lasting memory for our family. I know that this will be one of the tradition that we will look forward to doing many years to come.

Camping with kids seem like a disaster in a making but once I let go of the type A personality and my camping phobia, it probably is one of the best thing you can do as a family with kids. Back to nature!


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