Breakfast for Dinner for Christmas 2016

Breakfast for Dinner for our Family Christmas Celebration!

This year was different . . . instead of the traditional Christmas dinner I usually make, we decided to have a Breakfast for Dinner celebration! The traditional dinner consists of Huntington Chicken Casserole, Hash Brown Casserole, Mama’s Holiday Gravy, salads, a variety of other vegetables and casserole, and of course, LOTS of desserts! Where the traditional dinner takes me 2-3 days to prepare all the food, the Breakfast for Dinner was done in just a few hours! You might ask, “How is that done???” The answer is . . . because it’s Breakfast!!!

Making the foods for our Breakfast for Dinner Christmas!

We decided Tuesday morning that we would meet at Candace’s house, instead of ours, for our Family Christmas Dinner. She wanted to have it there because she gave Randy an outdoor griddle for Christmas. Randy wanted to try it out with my pancakes . . . or, should I say . . . Grandmama Hall’s Buttermilk Pancakes?

So, Candace and I talked about what we thought the menu should be, and who would bring which foods. When everyone share in bringing the different foods, it is so much easier to put together a family gathering meal.

Jennifer brought the beverages: orange juice and soft drinks. Candace furnished the bacon, made an Egg Casserole, and furnished the ingredients for the pancakes. I made the batter when I got there.

Christmas Chex Mix

Christmas Ambrosia

I brought the two kinds of sausage, the Christmas Chex Mix, Christmas Ambrosia, Cinnamon Rolls, and Grandmama Hall’s Buttermilk Biscuits, and our Hot Perked Party Punch! We can’t have a family dinner in the fall or winter without making that punch!

Once Lynn and I got there, Randy (Candace’s husband, my son-in-law), cooked the bacon and both sausages on his new griddle. Cooking the meat on a griddle outside was a new adventure, I’m sure!

When the meat was done, Randy (on the right) and Jason (on the left) cooked the pancakes. For our family of around 15, I had to make 6 batches of pancake batter!!! That’s the most ever!!!

Surprisingly, the pancakes cooked very well on that griddle! I’ve been making mine in my electric skillet that I’ve had since around 1980. It makes the pancakes perfectly, so Randy’s comes in as a close second:)

Then came the biscuits . . . I had made 3 batches of Grandmama Hall’s Buttermilk Biscuits at home, then took them to Candace’s house to bake. After we took them out of the oven, different ones in the family came and grabbed the hot, freshly baked biscuits, and spread them with butter and Gran’s Strawberry Freezer Jam for a little snack before dinner:)

The cinnamon rolls were made at my house as well, then baked at Candace’s house. Yum!!! I did find out one thing . . . Don’t use a dark colored pan! The bottom and sides got a bit too done.

MORAL: Use a silver colored pan–aluminum. It will bake the cinnamon rolls better.

Here came what I call, the Big Batch Buttermilk Pancakes! There were a LOT of pancakes! But, as far as I know, none were left after we all got what we wanted.

After dinner we opened gifts, and the kids played chess and other games. It was a fun evening for all:)

Lynn, me, Kaleb (standing up being us) and Cameron (on his phone!)

After dinner, Trey (with the hat on)  and Jason were helping Benson, Noah, Benjamin, and Brady play chess.

The girls: (L to R) Emily, Gabrielle, Bethany, and Randa

And then there’s Marley with Benson:)

Our Breakfast for Dinner was a huge success! In fact, that may become our NEW Christmas tradition!

What did you have for your Christmas dinner? A tradition or non-traditional menu?



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