Picture Perfect Roasted Vegetables


I love a good roasted veg. When transitioning from the standard American diet to Paleo, it was the only way I wanted to eat them. Before, I would never touch a brussel sprout let a lone eat one! But when I committed to bettering my eating style incorporating a wide variety of vegetables was the first step. Living back in Dallas I visited my Dad’s every Sunday night for dinner with him and my step mom. I practically begged for roasted vegetables of all kinds because he made them SO addictive. I shoveled down three servings or more to myself. But honestly, my dad could make a shoe taste good. No kidding. And after going over to his house and cooking with him for years, I finally learned his secret along with creating some of my own!  

Roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower and radishes
Roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower and radishes

One of my biggest obsessions right now is a roasted radish. SERIOUSLY! They are freaking awesome. Radishes aren’t just spicy little thangs you throw on salads. Nuh uh, not anymore. Once exposed to a high heat and plenty of seasoning, radishes almost resemble the texture and flavor of a potato but with added nutritional benefits. Brussel sprouts and cauliflower are also among my two other fav veggies to roast. Their flavor profiles completely change once out of the oven, crisp up, caramelize and become oh so sweet. So wanna know the secret?

The two secrets lie in seasoning, and surface area. The two S’s. Remember that and you’re golden. Prepare the brussel sprouts and radishes by trimming off stems and cutting them in half long ways. Separate cauliflower in florets, and trim the florets so they have a flat side that is able to lie on the baking sheet (surface area!!). Place all the veg in a mixing bowl and season the heck out of em! This is secret #1 dad taught me. He lathered everything in Himalayan salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder. Don’t be shy. Use about ½ tsp or more of each. This helps create crispness and flavor. Also, make sure to use a high quality roasting oil like avocado oil, coconut oil, or ghee. When heated to temps above 350 F, olive oil can become rancid and we don’t want that! Stick to the high quality stuff, and add about 1-2 tbsp along with the seasoning to ensure a light coating,

Once seasoned, separate on TWO baking sheets. DO NOT OVER CROUD THE PAN. If you don’t allow ½ an inch or more between each veg then they will steam, and not roast. Also, make sure the cut flat side is facing down on the pan. Surface area my friend. The flat side will become caramelized and create the beautiful, deep flavor you’re looking for. Place into a preheated oven at 425 F for 30 minutes, and leave them alone. Don’t flip them, poke them, stab them with a fork or even open the oven, Just let the veggies do their thing, and develop those sweet brown edges. You’ll thank me later. After 30 min you can check to see if they are browning. If not to your desired color, check back up on them in 10 minute intervals. The seasoning was my dad’s thing, and the surface area is my thing. Together, it creates toasty roasty magic. You’ll eat these guys like potato chips, and those two trays easily become dinner and dessert. Go make these right meow!!


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