Paleo Pumpkin Pie Pudding


Say that three times fast. What a freaking mouthful. As you can tell by my social media, I’m pretty pumpkin obsessed. But that’s normal this time of year…right? On every shopping trip I’ve bought at least one can of pumpkin and started quite the collection in my pantry. Oh well, more recipes for ya’ll!

There really isn’t much to paleo pumpkin pie pudding, which is why I LOVE it. I reeealllly wanted pumpkin pie last week. But to be honest, I hate baking and just didn’t feel like going through all the bs to make a pie. So this is totally a lazy girl pumpkin pie knock off. Tastes good though.

paleo pumpkin pie pudding
paleo pumpkin pie pudding

Also, I didn’t know if I should call it a pudding…or a custard. Typically custards are made with eggs to thicken. In this case, I used Vital Proteins Grass-fed Beef Gelatin. So is it pudding, jello or custard?? I really don’t know. But the texture is firm and silky smooth. You’ll never know it’s dairy free, egg free AND sugar free.

I’m really into sugar free desserts. I’ve been researching the effects of sugar on the body…and I don’t like what I’m finding. Plus, sugar has always been insanely addictive to me, no matter the kind. And when I eat full fat, sugar free desserts I don’t find myself feening for more later. There is science behind what I’m saying, but I think I’ll save the schpeal for a later video. It’s mega important. In this recipe I use a sweetener called Swerve. It’s erythritol based, which is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol that has no affect on blood sugar levels. It literally tastes just like sugar. If you don’t care about making things sugar free, I would use a high quality maple syrup instead. But give the Swerve a shot! If you suffer with sugar cravings, this may be a solution.

In all seriousness, this recipe is easy af. You literally heat up like 4 ingredients and put it in the fridge. Boom. Done. Enjoy your knock off pumpkin pie peeps ;)


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