Paleo Girl Goes Raw + My Go To Soup Recipe


In the name of health, I’ve tried something I would probably NEVER do. It goes against a lot of what I believe about nutrition currently. But I figured, “I’m already sick, so why the hell not!” Before I get into the deets of what I started, its important to know what I believe about nutrition. Obviously I’m paleo, and that still hasn’t changed. So no grains, dairy, beans, corn, soy or refined sugars for me! But a couple months ago I went ketogenic; a high fat, low carb, moderate protein approach. I ate TONS of amazing fats from avocado, grass-fed meat, ghee, coconut oil, bacon and more bacon. Did I mention I ate a ton of bacon? I did eat greens too if you’re wondering, but probably not enough looking back now. Adopting a ketogenic diet can have extreme health benefits though! Believe it or not saturated fats are essential to our lives, they’re embedded in our brain and every single cell in the body. With out enough fats over a long period of time, our nervous system, digestive system and health at a cellular level would deteriorate. I also read it was great for balancing hormones, which is why I gave it a shot considering I have adrenal fatigue and low thyroid. Let me just say, I was eatin’ REALLL good. Pasture raised eggs, every morning with bacon (duh), spinach and avocado. I’d make super delicious, fatty coffee drinks and snack on pork rinds when hungry. The biggest advantage was only needing to eat twice a day because the fat kept me totally satiated. Another thing, I lost 10 lbs. I looked freaking phenomenal if I don’t say so myself. Buuuuuuut there was a drawback. I felt like shit. I was always exhausted. My eyes burned constantly, I started having allergic reactions in my mouth to some foods and when I did eat too many carbs it made me have insane mood swings. I wanted it to work so badly, but just couldn’t seem to get it right. That being said, eating keto is still amazing for health if you can tailor it to it your needs. I just couldn’t sustain it at the time. I started to feel worse about a month in. My adrenal glands were deteriorating, hair falling out and I was desperate for anything to fix my hormones. I noticed my friend, and owner of Picnik Austin, Naomi had such amazing success from following a 28 day raw food cleanse out of the book Medical Medium by Anthony William. After informing me about the raw cleanse, that book was following me everywhere! I saw it in Barnes & Nobles, online, it popped up on social media and after running into it for five days consecutively I just bought the damn thing. I’m so glad I did, the book is beautifully written. Anthony William is a “medical intuitive.” I wont go into extreme detail, but since the age of 4 Anthony has had an ability to communicate with a spirit that spills the beans on everyone’s health probs. He’s helped tens of thousands of people because spirit is 20-30 years ahead of medical technology, and gives direct insight on how to heal from illness. The book specifically focuses on chronic illness. Being a chronic illness sufferer myself, while reading the book I felt he was describing my life and its entirety. Never have I seemed so understood by a person I’ve never met. Spirit told Anthony majority of chronic illness is due to Epstein Barr Virus; a potentially dangerous, super sneaky virus the medical industry is blind to. Epstein Barr disguises itself as mononucleosis, finds home in organs and causes all sorts of issues doctors have no cure for. Luckily, spirit told Anthony how to heal from the virus and is outlined in the book. He recommends a 28-day period of eating only raw fruits and vegetables to kick Epstein Barr’s ass! When I first heard about it, I laughed and it seemed impossible. This diet virtually has no fat, and super high carbs. The exact opposite of what I came from. Yet I felt oddly compelled to complete his dietary recommendations. Well, I’ve been participating for 10 days now and totally want to share all the craziness I’ve been through.

I’m gonna be straight up, it wasn’t all roses and butterflies. I felt pretty awful the first couple days. Detox brain was in full force and coming at me with a vengeance. I was also a total bitch to my boyfriend and had mental breakdowns like every 4 hours. Hahaha oh god I feel so bad for the poor guy. I kept a journal of the first week where I recorded what I ate and how I was feeling through out the day. But I’m not going to reiterate it because you would be asleep by the end of this post. But I';; definitely share the key side effects I’ve been experiencing in the past 10 days.

1. Headaches: The first three days were rough mainly because of freaking headaches man!! Seriously, I was rude to just about everyone I encountered simply because I didn’t feel well. A good way to counteract them though is to eat tons of fruit. Sounds crazy, but eating dates, bananas and melons cured me of chronic head thumping.

2. Bloating: So bloated, all the time. It was like my upper abdomen had a balloon in it and was being pumped it full of air every time I ate. I actually broke down crying about it when my work uniform was so tight I couldn’t take a fu;; breath. Welp, that sucked. I haven’t found many remedies for this yet, but I’m eating mainly soft fruits that are easily digested and drink a huge glass of fresh celery juice in the morning. Anthony advocates celery juice to help your stomach build its hydrochloric acid (HCL) content. If we don’t have enough HCL and enzymes in our stomach, it can hinder digestion and cause bloating/other issues. Plus, I went from eating all fat to all carbs….I wasnot prepared. I have faith this will subside with time as my digestion improves. UPDATE: I wrote this paragraph two days ago. My stomach is feeling so much better now and a lot less bloated. If you experience this, keep faith and it'll get better. Keep chugging celery juice!

3. Constipation: I apologize for this topic in advance. Straight up, I couldn’t poop. There you have it. If you don’t already have a sound digestive track, a raw food diet can either clean you out or clog you up. Good news is, this is temporary. I know it’s super uncomfortable but your colon is trying to collect as much junk and toxins to eliminate. Whatever you do just don’t take over the counter laxatives, they will give you temporary relief but you’ll go right back to being constipated. The drugs are pushing things along, but not actually healing the colon. I have found remedies for it though, and my system has been a lot more regular the past couple days. WOHOO!! Tips: take magnesium before bed (my favorite brand is natural calm). Eat fresh papaya for breakfast as it’s rich in digestive enzymes and will wake up your tummy. Also, drink a lot of water!! You need it, just trust me. Most importantly, be patient and kind to yourself. It will all work out with time. If you are in dire need of detox or sick, it will take a while for the body to adapt. You are eating a shit ton of fiber after all!

4. Fatigue: If you’re already tired all the time, plan to potentially feel worse. Like I said, the body is getting rid of junk, adapting and learning how to heal. This can create uncomfortable symptoms such as fatigue. Just keep eating fruit; it’s the only way you’ll make it through energy wise.

5. Mood Swings: Out of all the symptoms, this one takes the cake. Detox brain is nasty. The body is going through so much change all at once and can be challenging mentally. It’s hard to be bloated, tired, constipated, weak, tired and have headaches for days. On top of it money is kind of a thing so skipping out on work was not an option. Sometimes I was mean, sometimes I was super nice. There were days I stayed on bed watching Hulu for hours and cried at every episode, and others where I wanted to go for bike rides. Emotional instability at its finest friends. Once again, just keep eating fruit. Whenever I felt awful, no matter the problem, I just ate whatever fruit sounded the best to me and felt a lot better. Stay strong and keep going!

6. Weight gain: I don’t even wanna talk about this one….really really don’t. I’ve probably gained like 4-5 lbs. Maybe its all water, maybe its not. My body is all sorts of fudged up so who knows what’s going on. I wont let this ruin everything though. Maybe my body needed to gain weight in order to start regenerating hormones? WHO KNOWS. I’m obviously upset, but I am keeping a completely open mind and have faith this is just a phase. Some people drop weight too while completing it, everyone is different. And PLEASE, if you do gain weight refrain from being restrictive. If you’re hungry, EAT. If you feel tired, EAT. If you want that mango, EAT IT. Restriction feeds sickness, stay positive :)

Even if these symptoms sound gross, I believe this cleanse is necessary for most. Don’t let being uncomfortable scare you! At the end of the day, I’m having an amazing time doing this. For so long fruit was my enemy, and now I rely on it every single day. It’s empowering to eat foods that are alive and contain their own vibrations. On day 10 I feel lighter and happier than I did prior to starting. Also, I really connect with the phrase “food is medicine” now. Eating plant based creates an emotional and spiritual connection with food I've never experienced before. Everyday I’m overflowing with gratitude to just be alive and eat fresh, beautiful, living foods. I WILL heal; there is no other option. Well, 18 more days to go!

As a little bonus, here is a yummy raw soup recipe. I've been obsessed with raw veggie soups with tons of garlic and onion. This one is a vegan, raw "cream" of celery soup. Is smooth, salty, and perfect for days when you have tons of veggies with little time to cook them. Enjoy it!! Also, what kind of recipes, advice and topics would ya'll like to see from me while on this journey?? Let me know, I'm all ears!