One Pan, Green Curry Chicken


Who doesn’t love a good one pan-er?

I felt so weird typing that word…pan-er. But one pan wonders are the freaking shiz. I came up with this recipe one night because I’d neglected my cast iron skillet for far too long! Plus, dishes suck. No one wants to clean a million pans after they’re halfway in a curry coma. Nuh-Uh.

If you gagged because the word “curry” is in the title, don’t knock it till you try it man!! Curries are one of my most beloved foods. My dad whips up a mad good curry stir-fry, and we often went to a little Indian restaurant for a taste of the real stuff. It can be hard to recreate the same flavors at home though. Those family-owned places use some sort of Indian voodoo magic I just don’t have (damn you!). But this is a bootleg, one pan and DAMN GOOD version that’ll leave you licking the plate. I’m not even sure if it's “Indian.” In fact it’s probably more Thai. But whatever, geography was never my strong suit.

Green Curry Chicken
Green Curry Chicken

Let’s speak sauce for a sec. Curry always starts with a paste, or spice blend. There’s red curry, yellow, green and probably a million more variations. You can make the blend yourself, but I buy a store bought green curry paste to save myself the labor. Other flavor bombs I used were fish sauce, coconut aminos, lime juice and jalapeño pepper. I know what you’re thinking, "wtf is fish sauce and no I’m not touching that crap.” Trust me, you want it!! Fish sauce is essentially fermented fish juice. LOL I probably ruined that for you even more. But with out it a distinctly sweet, salty and tangy flavor will be missing. It tastes nothing like fish, and is a cheap umami addition to any dish.

I served this meal with cauliflower mash (recipe coming soon). But you can put it on cauli-rice, regular rice, potatoes, roasted veg or whatever your little heart desires! Or big heart, I don’t know you so one can only assume here.

Just make the dang curry. You’ll love it. And you can thank me when your house smells like it for days.


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