Chunky Mango & Heirloom Tomato Salad


This is my third day follow the Medical Medium protocol for healing chronic and mystery illness. I’ll be posting later explaining what that entails, why I’m doing it and such. But for now, I wanted to share a recipe I made today for an AMAZING mango and heirloom tomato salad that follows this raw diet plan. Over the past three days I have fallen in love with fruits and vegetables again. I used to be so fearful of their sugar contents and completely avoid fruits like the plague. Now I have eaten a mango every day for 3 days and couldn’t be happier. Yes, a whole mango a day!! And damn they taste good. When I made this salad it was so large I didn’t think I could eat it all. I was wrong. I ate the whole bowl. So if you’re a mango lover like I am, feel free to do the same and feel no shame!!  

Mango and Hierloom Tomato Salad


Besides being freakin’ delicious. It was a quick meal to throw together. I peeled and cut a mango into large chunks, cut a whole heirloom tomato into large chunks, diced ½ and avocado, then chopped some red onion and garlic. I threw it all in a bowl, squeezed some fresh OJ and topped it with cilantro. BAM! Took about 12 minutes, or something like that. I’m a slow peeler and would rather keep my fingers in tact when it comes to mango, so I took my time.

I ate this as is, right out of the bowl and enjoyed every bite. But if that’s not your style, feel free to place over romaine lettuce boats, or in any other salad. You can even make the chunks a bit smaller and use as salsa over your favorite organic protein. Super versatile. It is sweet, herbaceous and has a little kick from the onions and garlic. Just how I like it! Be sure to warn your significant other in advance though, unless they like that kinda stuff. Any who, enjoy peeps!

Oh yeah, aren’t these heirloom tomatoes gorgeous?? I just had to show you. Real food rocks man!


Heirloom tomato