Easiest Shredded Pork, Ever!

Easiest Shredded Pork
Easiest Shredded Pork

Let me make one thing super-de-duper clear. Sometimes, I’m lazy. Especially with cooking on busy days, or months….ok years. At this point in life I basically have 4 jobs AND classes to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Just reading that sentence over again made me exhausted. *Whew* So when I say this is the easiest shredded pork EVER, buddy you better believe it! It’s not only easy, but practical too. My boyfriend tends to inhale every piece of protein in sight, and this recipe lasts us about 3 days give or take. Mainly take. I’m telling you he’s a vacuum, but a really cute one at that. It’s also a nice incentive arriving home to magical smells of onions and pork juice. Man that would make a great candle! Can you imagine? Or you can just make this dish, I guess that’s the most logical action. Speaking of, hey! I should tell you how to make this wonderful piece of meat.

You will need one piece of kitchen equipment and one only: your trusty ol’ crockpot. Ok and a knife, but that doesn’t count because I’m assuming if you're reading a food blog you’ve got one of those! Back to the crockpot; we’ve been hanging out a lot lately. You wake up, put whatever you want in there, add some seasoning, turn on low and come back later. For this recipe that’s practically what I did, with like 2 extra steps.

So let’s talk meat. I used about a 3 lb boneless pork sirloin roast. When it comes to pig, know that organic truly is the best option. Factory farm hogs are extremely mistreated, fed GMO corn/soy feed, and given antibiotics to combat diseases caused by poor living conditions. Despite what authorities say, this definitely affects our health when we consume such. Toxins resulting from the feed and medicine are stored in the animal's body fat, and that’s not the kind of fat I want to eat! Yet, regardless of where your sirloin roast is from, it’s a tender cut of that will shred like buttah. Don’t let the price of organic pork getcha down :)

You will also need some seasonings. Pork is great and all but it needs lots of salt, pepper, an onion and two other “secret” ingredients. First, place the pork on a designated meat cutting board or whatever clean surface you like. Sprinkle all sides LIBERALLY with salt (I use himalayan), pepper and then secret ingredient #1: Costco’s No Salt Seasoning blend. This shit is magical! It’s a blend of garlic, onion, pepper flakes, dried vegetable pieces and herbs. Once coated, place the roast in the crock pot. Step two, cut half an onion in large chunks and place on top of pork. Lastly, cover with 1.5 cups of secret ingredient #2: water! It’s an underutilized ingredient, and helps the pork fall apart and get juicy. Okay, that’s it! Just turn that thang to low and cook away for 6-8 hours depending on the size of your pork.


Oh hey, YOU’RE BACK! And hopefully by now your house smells like that candle idea I proposed earlier. For me, it has been 7 hours and the meat looks great. Completely cooked through, but if you take two forks and give it a tug it should shred easily. Go ahead and put the whole cut on a board, and shred away! Top the pulled pork with some more salt, pepper, and Costco’s special seasoning to ensure the inside pieces are exposed to some flavor. Oh! And don't forget the onions, They’re covered in meat juice, and you know how I feel about that.  I’m not sure how I managed to write one and a half pages in Google docs about the world’s easiest shredded pork. I just love it so much! You can eat it as is, in a taco, wrap, salad, or stirfry. Whatever you want you have meat to make it possible. Congrats to you, and your tummy!


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