Bacon Deviled Eggs


Deviled eggs are my boyfriend’s favorite food...seriously. And at first I wasn’t really diggin’ em, it all seems so old school. Deviled eggs are the food your grandma brings to thanksgiving and the fam only eats once a year. Usually they are WAAAYYY too mustardy, and texturally you’re either stuck with a soupy mess or spackle. So ya, I never really gave those little guys a chance. Until, I went to Salty Sow. If you live in Austin and haven't been graced with dining at Salty Sow, GO NOW!!! It’s an amazing American style restaurant that’s been really elevated, and protein is always the star of the show. We usually go for their awesome happy hour. $6 mixed drinks and $5 gourmet apps can’t really be passed up. And since I know all the food that comes out of that kitchen is freaking awesome, one night we ordered the devilled eggs appetizer. And yes, they changed my life. Now we make them at home every week, and Corey (my bf) inhales a dozen in 3 days flat. Some people like their eggs filled with vinegar and mustard. Not me! While I do put mustard, the real star of the show is bacon. Oh yeah. I use the fat and crumble a couple pieces on top for extra flare. I also cheat a little bit and buy organic hard-boiled eggs from Costco. Because, life happens. That makes them super easy to whip up in about 15-20 minutes based on your egg filling speed. Actually making the filling requires the least amount of time though. First, cut all of the eggs in half and pop the yolks out into the bowl of a stand mixer. You could also use a hand mixer, or even do this in your food processor. The, add mayo, mustard, lemon juice, salt, pepper and bacon fat. I don’t use just any old mayo either. Use Primal Kitchen’s avocado oil mayo, or make it yourself using avocado oil/ olive oil. This ensures you’re avoiding rancid canola, soy, cottonseed, safflower, corn or any other vegetable oils. These are detrimental to anyone’s health. Avocado oil is anti-inflammatory and has a super neutral taste. Win Win.


Turn the mixer on medium speed and combine thoroughly. The filling may have tiny egg yolk chunks in it but that’s kinda how we like it. If you’re using a food processor, just pulse until smooth. Once smooth, grab a pastry bag if you have one (and let's be real, no one does). Or you can snag a gallon size zip lock bag and load the yolk mix in there. Use your hands to move the filling into one corner of the bag. Really push it to the tip and remove all air. Next, twist the plastic bag where the filling ends so air does not get in, and make a SMALL corner on the bag to which you shoved the filling in. The hole you just created should be the width of your pinky finger. Congrats! You just created a makeshift pastry bag. Now we can fill the eggs. You may have noticed by now the filling will come out of the cut hole pretty quickly. You don’t need to squeeze the bag too hard or there’ll be egg yolk everywhere! Squeeze gently, and fill the egg white cavity until it forms a little mountain above the white. Either fill in a clockwise motion, creating a swirl effect. Or just squeeze one dollop in the center. Whatever floats your boat, I don't judge. Just repeat that 11 more times, top with bacon and parsley and you’ve got a winner. Enjoy those little suckers because like I said, they don’t last too long at my house.


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