15 Minute Lemon Caper Kale


Lately I've had all sorts of NO time to cook. I don't wanna deal with roasting veggies for hours or slaving over chicken; and  laziness has defiantly led me to a lettuce wrapped burger from In-N-Out every now and then. While there's no shame in ordering your favorite burger once in a while, it's not optimal for health. Who knows what oils, meat and additives they use! So instead of ordering out, grab a rotisserie chicken from the store and make this amaze-balls 15 minute lemon caper kale to go with it.  

Lemon Caper Kale
Lemon Caper Kale

Why is it so amaze-balls you ask? Well, I have a thing for acid. Like lemons, vinegar and all the briny things.  I also have a thing for kale. But chomping down on a kale salad involves serious chewing, and when you're done every nook of every tooth is filled with little green flakes. And OF COURSE you didn't bring any floss in your purse that day. Obviously, this has happened before and I'm very much scarred by it. So I combined my lack of time, love for lemons and desire for clean teeth to create this recipe. It's damn delicious.

You probably have the majority of these ingredients in your pantry/fridge: kale, garlic, broth, lemons and capers. Do you?? Ok cool let's get cookin'. I made this recipe using 3 bunches of kale. You want the kale found in the produce department that's not in a box or bag!! The packaged kind is usually baby kale, and doesn't hold up to cooking well. Before cooking anything, wash and give those greens a rough chop. Kale mountain will soon take over your kitchen because that's a lot of green! But it cooks down to like 3 leaves in no time lol.

Once chopped, sauté garlic for a couple minutes in a large pot and then add 1 kale bunch. In order to fit all the kale into your pot, we work in batches. Sauté the first bunch for a sec, add in a cup of broth, put the lid on it and forget it for a minute. When you open the pot you'll see the kale has wilted, and you can keep adding more until it's all in there. When all 3 bunches make it in, pop the lid on and braise for 10 minutes (stirring every 2-3 minutes). After, add lemon juice, salt, pepper and capers. Let it warm through for another minute, and you're done! Easy peasy lemon squeeze. Top with fresh lemon zest and some more capers. I could easily eat the whole batch, and I may have before. NO SHAME. It's just greens :)


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