Birthday Celebration for My Children, March 2017!

Another year has passed . . .

My, how time flies! Another year has passed and once again, I hosted a Birthday Celebration for my three grown children on March 16th. We had a wonderful time with Candace, Trey and Jason, Jennifer and six of my grandchildren!

I had spent several days (and weeks!) planning and preparing for our get-together, which included choosing the menu, making the “Family Favorite Desserts from our Family” cookbook, Goodie Boxes and bags, baking cookies and “Leprechaun Munch”, and generally just putting the plans in action.

The Planning:

Several weeks ago, I decided to make the dessert cookbook for my three children that included all of their, and our, favorite cookies, pies, and cakes. It was a labor of love, beginning with Mama’s favorites, then ours, and on down the line. That part of the party planning took about three weeks.

The Cookbook:

In order to create this cookbook, I had to first ask each family member what their favorites were for the cookies, pies and cakes. The funniest one was Benjamin, who said his favorite cake was “Blueberry Cheesecake”. LOLOLOL!!!

I then had to write the cookbook, add the pictures and recipes, send it to the publisher, then order the copies. The cookbooks arrived on Tuesday before the party.

A few days before the party:

In the other preparation, I followed Mama’s Schedule of Hosting a Family Dinner Party, which is always included in my Family Dinners ebooks on For this birthday party that included:

  • Making the Leprechaun Munch
  • Making the different cookies for the Goodie Boxes
  • Set up the buffet table and dessert table

The Decorations:

Because St. Patrick’s Day was the day after my dinner for my children, I already had all my St. Patrick’s Day decorations up. This saved some time, which was extremely helpful given all I had to do.

The day of the party:

There was a LOT to do on the day of the party:

  • Put together the Goodie Boxes and Goodie Bags
  • Make the two pies
  • Frosting Candace’s Cake
  • Make the two casseroles
  • Make the entree
  • Set the two tables for the family dining
  • Set up the Drink Station

Show Time!

The family began to arrive around 4:30. Trey helped me with the Filet Mignon, while all gathered in the kitchen and dining rooms. Candace took the food pictures and attended to the casseroles, as well as set up the buffet foods.

Time to Eat!

We, of course, began our meal with Lynn praying over our dinner. Then, the grandchildren were served first:) They ate on colorful paper plates, rather than the dishes. When you have 14 to serve, paper plates are a good choice for the kids:)

(L to R) Benjamin, Benson, Randa, Bethany, Emily, and Brady

(Emily is Cameron’s girl friend:))

After the grandchildren were served, the adults helped themselves to the Birthday Dinner Feast.

The Entree:

The star of the dinner was the Filet Mignon with Dijon Mustard Sauce! It was a superb choice for the entree for our Birthday Celebration! There was not a tiny sliver of meat left, and all I heard for two days after the party was how good the filet was with the sauce:) If you like filet, you must try this recipe!

Filet Mignon with Dijon Mustard Sauce

The Side Dishes:

The side dishes included this Mashed Potato Casserole and Unbundled Green Beans. At the end of the dinner, there wasn’t even a teaspoon of mashed potatoes left! In fact, Trey cleaned out the last little bit! This recipe is adapted from one by the Pioneer Woman. Check it out! It now is another family favorite dish for our get-togethers.

Mashed Potato Casserole

The Unbundled Green Beans is a recipe given to Candace by her friend, Kristi Mott. It is now a favorite with most of the family! Even the ones who don’t really like green beans thought these were really good. These green beans are easy, and delicious. Plus you can actually put it together the day before, then bake it the day of your dinner.

Unbundled Green Beans

Time for Dessert!

Trey took this “selfie” after dinner . . . Check out our favorite family desserts!

The Pies:

Grandmama Hall’s Egg Custard Pie, Trey’s favorite, is ALWAYS on our dessert buffet at every family get-together. Got to have it for Trey and his family. He told me this morning that we are now going to have to make TWO egg custard pies! All of his children, as well as Jennifer, now like this pie, so he only gets a piece . . . or two:) Guess I need to buy another metal pie pan!

Egg Custard Pie

(Trey’s Favorite!)

Just like the egg custard pie, I always have to make Jason’s favorite, the Cherry Cream Cheese Pie, for all our family dinners:) While you need to make it the day of your dinner, it takes less than 10 minutes to put it together. Then, this pie is refrigerated until serving time. How simple is that? And, it makes for a beautiful pie on your dessert buffet:)

Cherry Cream Cheese Pie

(Jason’s Favorite!)

The Cake:

Candace decided this year, when I asked here what her favorite cake was (for the dessert cookbook that she knew nothing about), that this Chocolate Layer Cake with 7-Minute Frosting is her absolute favorite! Really??? I had not made that cake in at least 20 years. The cake was baked by Victoria, Candace’s Cupcake Queen at her shop, and I made and frosted it with 7-Minute Frosting. It was the “bomb!”, as the young people say.

Chocolate Cake with 7-Minute Frosting

(Candace’s Favorite)

Surprise, surprise!!!

Following dinner, I gave my children their gifts: the copy of the cookbook I had made for them, their Goodie Boxes with their favorite cookies in them, and of course their birthday cards:) Candace had so many requests for the cookbook, we are now going to get some published for her shop:)

And, last but not least, the picture of my three children and me:)

(L to R) Jason, Trey, me, Candace

I love my family . . . I love my children and their families . . . and, above all,  we all love God, the Creator and Giver of all good things, one of which is life! And with life, there are celebrations!!! Celebrate Life! Life should be celebrated, not tolerated.

I hope as you looked through our Birthday Celebration, you found some recipes and ideas that you want to make for your families:)

God bless!




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