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Best Kept Secret – Red Mountain, BC

The town of Rossland isn’t close to the TransCanada. In fact, it’s even a ways off the secondary Crowsnest highway. It’s not close to a major population center, nor is it easily accessed by air. What all this means is that even during the peak Christmas season, you can often find yourself skiing in the boundless glades for twenty minutes without seeing a soul, and arriving at a lift waiting just for you.

The town itself is also one of the highest in elevation in the province. This means more consistent cold weather to keep the snow nice and fluffy.

Rossland BC

The resort has 5 lifts, but really 3, and they are all low-speed lifts. One which serves the short Red Mountain and was originally built in 1968, and another which brings you away from the lodge and above the green runs to the main chair. Despite being called Red Mountain, the main mountain is Granite. Neighbouring Grey Mountain was recently opened up as well to provide even more awesome terrain. You can head down in any direction on Granite, and nearly any direction on Grey, and still end up on a cat track back to a lift.

Some might say the resort is due for an update. I think it is nice to see a quaint resort that doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles. The lifts do lack capacity on days where it dumps snow, but if you wait 20 minutes at the main lift the skiers and snowboarders dissipate through the mountain. A new hotel is being built at the base which will offer more options for travelers, and more ski-in lodging. Maybe it will add a few extra minutes to lines at the lift.

The terrain for advanced and expert riders, as well as the large diversity of slopes featuring cut piste, wide-open bowls, glades, closer trees, and many of terrain features, are Red Mountain’s remarkable strengths. The sole constraint for skilled skiers and snowboarders is that navigating the difference between single and double black terrain can be difficult because many paths aren’t marked, and rock bands and cliffs aren’t well sing-posted.



What is Rossland BC known for?

Rossland is located in British Columbia’s southern West Kootenay area. Rossland, located in the Rossland Range, has an elevation of 1023 metres, making it Canada’s second highest Alpine City (Kimberley is slightly higher). Rossland now has a population of roughly 3700 people and is a sanctuary for outdoor activity aficionados. This location is a natural playground for adventure lovers from all over the world, with an unpretentious community that provides all of our visitors with a unique and untouched mountain experience.

Rossland is one of BC’s first cycling destinations, with a rich history of biking on old railway tracks, miner’s trails, and whiskey running routes. It is also regarded as the Mountain Bike Capital of Canada. Rossland has a full-time, salaried trail crew that maintains and marks the extensive network of trails. Rossland has eventually become a sub-suburb of Trail, but it continues to draw tourists with its history museum, the Le Roi Gold Mine Tour, and a variety of outdoor activities and sightseeing trips.


Red Mountain is an awesome place to spend a few days. We went in December, so according to locals the snow cover wasn’t at its best. For me, it was fantastic. We found fresh tracks without looking very hard on each day. I hear the area is also a MTB mecca. I can’t wait to come back in the summer!


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