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Best Baby Food Cookbook Review

The life of new mom can be quite complicated on a daily basis, we do the best we can and when we can, we cook homemade baby recipes with a babycook or a multifunctional food processor. We all know how much kids enjoy eating and how creative they can be when choosing what to eat. It goes without saying how difficult it is to find something that works for them, especially when they are about to start taking something more solid.

You’d want to get it right at this stage, so you’d probably try every bite you think they’d like. However, as difficult as it may be, acquiring the finest baby food cookbook will save you a lot of trouble. All you need is a little homework, which this article will attempt to assist you with.

About Baby Food Cookbooks

Although our main focus is on baby food cookbook, it is important we have some good knowledge of what a cookbook generally is. These are books specifically made for kitchen use, containing collections of recipes that easily aid our food preparation.

The baby food cookbook, in this case, offers wide references of children recipes with lots of instructions, colorful illustrations and pieces of advice that enable you to purchase quality ingredients suitable for making baby food as well as help in preparing them the right way. The cookbook also includes the variety of food topics and techniques that are needed for cooking each recipe.

Best Baby Food Cookbook 2022 – Reviews

1. The Big Book of Organic Baby Food
best baby cookbooks 2022
This baby food cookbook is packed with lots of baby recipe information. This is an amazing baby cookbook every first-time parent needs to prepare delicious, all-natural meals for their kids.

With this book, you can start with the basics while working your way to that perfect meal for your kid.The baby food cookbook is as comprehensive as your baby’s nutritional needs, from their first puree to their first burrito.


  • It is an easily illustrated cookbook packed with great recipes for both kids and adults
  • Suitable for preparing meals for all ages including family meal
  • The book is broken down into the section and is full of information.


  • The book has little or no photos but just illustrations
2. 201 Organic Baby Purees
baby cookbooks 2022
With this baby cookbook, you are sure of always making your baby meals with the freshest, healthiest ingredients you can get. Also, you are sure to improve and expand your baby’s palate, thanks to the wide variety of purees that will enhance healthy child growth. The 201 Organic Baby Purees helps readers to carefully blend well-balanced meals right in their own home.


  • This book breaks down the purees into a month to enable you choice what’s suitable for your kid to a different month.
  • It has easy to understand steps on every recipe preparations
  • Its purees promote strong immune systems and healthy growth which are designed to protect tiny tummies!


  • Comes with more of basic recipes that you can do yourself, and very little out of the basic knowledge
3. The Baby-Led Weaning-Cookbook
The Baby-Led Weaning-Cookbook
This cookbook carefully introduces you to healthy eating habits in the years ahead of your kids. It helps babies learn to feed themselves in order to gauge appetite as well as to love various nutritious foods.

With this cookbook, cooking whole family meals that can also be shared by your little ones becomes a very easy task. Needless to mention, it collects about 130 recipes that are perfectly suited for baby-led weaning.


  • Gives straightforward advice on the food types to start with
  • Provides essential information on both nutrition and food safety
  • It offers healthy ideas for delicious desserts, quick snacks, and meals for the whole family
  • Gives great tips on how to minimize the mess and keep food the right size for little hands, and more!


  • All recipes mentioned were not of the best choices as most are just breaded, floured or stuffed.
4. Real Baby Food: Easy, All-Natural Recipes for Your Baby and Toddler
Real Baby Food
With the recipes, the kids can start a life time of healthy eating from the moment they take their first bite of solid food. With the Real Baby Food, you can find the building blocks of starting your child on solid foods, how to recognize food allergies, and easy ways to cook in bulk.


  • It’s a great book with lots of pictures and not hard to make.
  • Provides easy steps on different recipes
  • The recipe info can be used for both adults and babies


  • Has more of fruit and not enough veggies
5. Top 100 Baby Purees
Top 100 Baby Purees
This book present a hundred quick and easy recipes that you can make to guarantee a healthy and happy baby. Starting from their first tastes and weaning through to meals for older babies, every recipes found here are suitable for children aged six months and older.

The recipes come with lots of fruit and vegetable favorites, innovative fish, meat, and chicken purees that will really enhance the dishes of your kids.


  • Has a way of shaping children’s palates early by using whole foods, and organic eating in general.
  • The recipes found in this book do not include any preservative.
  • Has great weaning tips and lists at the top of the page for each recipe whether or not it can be frozen.
  • The recipes have everyday food and easy to follow instructions.


  • Recipes looks too difficult and also time consuming

History Of Cookbooks

It is believed that the first cookbooks that existed were mainly lists of recipes which is now called haute cuisine. Also, they were mostly written primarily to either provide a record of the author’s favorite dishes or to train professional cooks for banquets and upper-class or private homes.

The baby food cookbooks were introduced much later as the trend of cookbooks started rising. These cookbooks were mainly of different recipes put together by parents who wanted to keep track of their baby recipes. The cookbooks lumped together invalid foods, which ideally were bland, soupy, and easy to digest food.

Understanding Baby Food Cookbooks

Baby food cookbooks are a great way to help you get the best recipes for your baby food. Not only will they help you get the best recipes but will also keep you on track as you will always know exactly what food to give your baby at every point in time.

Getting the best baby food cookbook even makes the job a whole lot easier for you. This is because with the best baby food cookbook, you will not only get the best recipes; you will also get great and actionable tips, professional advice and instructional guides to your baby food cooking.

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Advantages/Benefits of Baby Cookbook

When it comes to preparing your kid’s meal, if you don’t have a great baby food cookbook to go with, you will soon run out of options and ideas and you may be left hanging at some point. With the baby cookbook, you are always sure of the next type of meal you will prepare for your kid.

It also helps you give your baby rich and quality food that he/she deserves. If your baby is selective with food, once you have a baby cookbook, you have nothing to worry about as that will be taken care of. With this in mind, always ensure you get the best baby food cookbook if you want to give your kid the best meal.

At What Age You Should Introduce Solids To Babies

Most babies’ nutritional needs are met by milk until they are about 6 months old. As a result, the age at which complementary foods should be introduced is 6 months. However, some health professionals advise starting them between the ages of 4 and 6.

Because each child’s growth rate and demands differ, some babies may require feeding before the age of six months. Solid meals should not be given to children before they reach the age of four months, as this can be damaging to their health.

What Foods May Cause Allergy To Your Babies

Eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and seafood, and meals containing cow’s milk protein are the foods most likely to induce allergies (see Milk and Milk Products). It was once advised to wait until a baby reached a specific age before introducing them to foods that were more prone to develop allergies. We now know that postponing the introduction of these foods does not prevent allergies, even in children who are at a higher risk of developing one.

A child is more likely to develop a food allergy if:

  • An immediate family member (mother, father, brother or sister) has an allergic disorder.
  • The child has significant eczema (eczema that is present the majority of the time).


In conclusion, I will say that when you are looking to choose the best baby food cookbook, your first option should be the top 100 baby purees, and this is because the cookbook clearly gives more details on baby’s purees which is the main topic of discussion here. Others are good and had pretty great scores but mostly contain adult recipes which might be a little misleading if you are not careful enough to know the exact one for the babies.

The top 100 baby purees provide a detailed info of what you need to know and understand on babies purees and also provides lots of useful tips and pieces of advice on each recipe preparation. For its amazing features and an impressive score on Amazon, I would highly recommend it.


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