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Best Baby Bath Tubs for Newborn

For first timers or new parents, giving their babies a bath is often one of the challenges that they need to conquer. Before they even try their hands in bathing their babies, they would ask an elderly or their own moms to help them and show them how to do it. Since the easiest way in bathing a newborn is by using a baby bath tub, finding the best baby bath tub for newborn is very important.

In most baby bath tub for newborn reviews, the common thing that moms look for in a bath tub is the support it gives in making the bathing job easier. Having a hammock or a sling is a huge plus and if there is a head support to keep the baby comfortable, then it is a huge bonus. Oftentimes, when it’s the baby’s comfort at stake, price doesn’t really matter for moms and dads out there.

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So how can you find the best baby bath tub for newborns in the market today?

  1. Consider the shape. A contoured baby bath tub can provide more support especially if you are using a contoured one. The shape will make supporting your little one’s head easier.
  2. Consider the size. Do you want to give your newborn a bath while standing on your sink or you want to do it in your bathroom sitting down or crouching down? If you want the first option, make sure to buy a bath tub that will fit in your sink. Most baby bath tub for newborn reviews tell if a bath tub fits a regular sink or not.
  3. Consider the materials it is made of. Do you want the best baby bath tub for newborns that is made of plastic or ceramic? Do you want something cute that is made of inflatable? There are advantages and disadvantages for each material so before making a purchase, check what you need and make sure to choose the one that suits your need and your baby’s need.

How to give your baby a bath using the best baby bath tub for newborn that you got?

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Getting the best baby bath tub for newborns doesn’t solve most parents dilemma in terms of giving their baby a bath. Once the tub is paid and been taken home, the next question is, how to use it. Most bath tubs for newborns and toddlers come with instructions and we will give you a quick rundown of these instructions as well.

  1. Add water to your chosen best baby bath tub for newborn. Test the water if it is hot enough with your hand but if you got one with temperature indicator, then guessing is no longer needed. Make sure that the water is about 90 degrees F hot.
  2. Once the water is ready, undress your newborn.
  3. Using your hand, support your little one’s neck and head. Put his feet on the tub. Slowly pour some water over his body to keep him warm while you soap him.
  4. Start washing him with soap or mild shampoo from head to toe. Make sure to keep his eyes and face free of the soap or shampoo. Clean his face using your hands.
  5. Rinse the soap off your baby thoroughly.
  6. Dry him with a clean wash cloth or use a swaddle blanket.
  7. Put his diapers on and dress.

Best Baby Bath Tub for Newborn (Inflatables) in 2022

Summer Infant Fold-Away Baby Bath

Summer Fold Away Baby Bath

The best baby bath tub for newborns from Summer Infant is its inflatable baby bath tub that comes with an inclined head design. It has a base that is made of soft inflatable material making sitting comfortable for baby’s bottom. This large baby bath tub is very easy to store because of its compact design. Inflating and deflating it is also easy.

For a great price, you get a lightweight baby bath tub that you can carry anywhere you go. This is one of the advantages of inflatable baby bath tubs; you can bring it with you anywhere you go. It has a size dimension of 34 x 20 x 7 inches making it large enough to be used by your little one from birth up to 24 months of age. Once your little one is big enough to sit on his own, you can remove the recliner to give him more space while bathing.

This China made product has a unisex design if you don’t know yet whether you are having a baby girl or a boy (because you want to surprise yourself), then you can still prepare with this best baby bath tub for newborn from Summer Infant because of its unisex design.

Mommy’s Helper Inflatable Bath Tub

Mommy's Helper Inflatable Bath Tub
This inflatable tub from Mommy’s Helper might come in handy when you’re travelling and don’t want to bathe your kid in a hotel tub or sink. This inflatable baby bath tub is designed for babies from 6 months to two year old. When fully inflated, it measures 19.5 by 10 by 7.5 inches, but when the air is let out, it can be folded to fit in a handbag or diaper bag. It includes a saddle horn to protect baby from slipping and sliding about, and it’s plush and comfy with a beautiful frog motif.

It may be used in a standard bathtub or straight on a flat surface such as the floor. Pull the stopper from the bottom of the tub after bath time is through, and the water will drain out. Buying this baby bath tub is not just a way to make bathing easier but also an investment for your growing family because for sure, your next children will be using this same bath tub once they are born.

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub

Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub
The best baby bath tub for newborn from Munchkin is their White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub that is good for toddlers and newborns alike. This baby bath tub costs only $12.75, one of the cheapest among all inflatable baby bath tubs.

According to baby bath tub for newborn reviews, the one thing that makes this affordable baby bath tub a favorite is its White Hot safety disc that can tell when the water is too hot or too cold. This tub is made of soft and comfortable padded material that is comfortable for toddlers and babies to sit on and stand on. If you are a travelling mom, you can also bring this tub with you and give your baby a hot bath anywhere you go. Once your baby is big enough to stand, she can do so without worries that she will slip because of its textured bottom.

Although it is not recommended for newborns yet, if you are careful enough, you can use start using this inflatable baby bath tub for your little one and have her using it until she reaches 2 years of age. Personally, this is a favorite of mine because my toddlers love to use it and play with it while having their bath. The duck surely attracts their attention.

Best Baby Bath Tub for Newborn (Plastic) in 2022

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bath Center

Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bath Cente
The best baby bath tub for newborns from Fisher-Price is their Ocean Wonders Aquarium Bath Center that is made of plastic. Fisher-Price is known for producing quality baby products and baby bath tub is one of them. They also have great working inflatable bath tubs for newborn but if you are into plastic made baby bath tub, then this one will do.

For a price of $36.30, this best baby bath tub for newborn from Fisher-Price comes with an aquarium like design to keep your baby lured while taking a bath. Although newborns might not recognize aquatic animals yet, this set will make sure that they will learn about them first hand though. This baby bath tub comes with a sling that has a very enticing design and shape to give baby the comfort he needs while taking a bath. The sling sits comfortably in the water without submerging your baby’s ear or nose. It also comes with a temperature reader to tell you when the water is too hot so there is no need to test it with your hands.

If you don’t want to use the sling, you can use the water stopper to keep baby from getting underwater and once he is big enough, you can remove the stopper to give him more room when taking his bath. While taking a bath, allow him to play with the free tub toys that come with this Fisher-Price baby bath tub.

For most baby bath tub for newborn reviews, a sling, a stopper and a toy are among the things that make a baby bath tub the best and these are all present on this Fisher-Price baby bath tub.

Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub

Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub

Most baby bath tub for newborn reviews looks at the price of the products they review and decides whether it is too expensive or not before adding it to their list. This can be helpful if you are looking for the most affordable product but what if you are looking for the best regardless of the price? For this reason, we decided to include in this review the Naked Collapsible Baby Bathtub from Boon although it comes with a tag price of $59.95.

This best baby bath tub for newborns from Boon has two support positions that can be used for newborns and for toddlers. Although it is made of plastic, the design is collapsible making travelling with it easier. The support and brace of this baby bath tub is also rotating hence it is more sturdy and since it is a one-piece baby bath tub, transitioning it from a newborn baby bath tub into a toddler bath tub is easy without the need to remove any of its parts or add parts.

Although this baby bath tub is a bit expensive as compared to other inflatable baby bath tubs out there, this still remains my favorite because of its drain plug that makes draining and cleaning easier. As what Boon’s tagline goes, it aims to provide quality baby products that aim to help parents live in ease while giving their babies the comfort they deserve. Indeed, this Boon baby bath tub is one of the best baby bath tubs for newborns in the market today.

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub

The best baby bath tub for newborn from First Years is its Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub for a very affordable price of $16.84. I can say that this is one of the best out there because it is hospital trusted the brand that most hospitals recommend to their newly delivered patients. This First Years product is also made of quality materials that the American Red Cross has licensed and approved of. With this alone, I can say that this is, without any doubt the best baby bath tub for newborn out there today.

This product from First Years is of unisex design so if you don’t know yet if you are having a boy or a girl, this is the perfect baby bath tub for you. It is big enough for any size of baby you will have with its 29 x 15.2 x 9 inches dimension yet light enough at 2.4 pounds. Some inflatable baby bath tubs weigh as much as this.

With this tub, it only shows that to make bathing easier, you don’t really need to spend a lot, you just have to read a few baby bath tub for newborn reviews to learn about the basics of a baby bath tub then chose the best one that suits you.

PRIMO EuroBath

PRIMO EuroBath

The best baby bath tub for newborns from Primo is their EuroBath for a price of $24.99. With this tub, you can do two bathing positions depending on which one is more comfortable for you and your baby. It is also recommended for babies form 0 to 24 months of age.

If you will look at this PRIMO baby bath tub, you will notice that it has an odd shape, it is anatomical. It means that it is shaped to provide support to your little one for both head and legs while making it easier for you to hold him. With its size of 36 x 21 x 12 inches, this is the biggest baby bath tub there is in the market today hence buying it at a price of less than $25 means your baby will only use one bath tub until he is big enough to take a dip in your pool.

What makes this baby bath tub special and be the best baby bath tub for newborns?

  1. Its shape supports the arm, legs and head of your baby
  2. It has a design that prevents baby from slipping under water
  3. It can keep the water warm enough until your baby is done with his bath
  4. It has a drain plug
  5. It is BPA free
  6. It is PVC free
  7. It is lead free
  8. It is Phthalate free
  9. It is made of recyclable plastic materials
  10. It is 100% made in the USA

With these things, it is not surprising that most baby bath tub for newborn reviews have this tub as their number 1.

Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub

Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub
The Skip Hop Moby 3-Stage Smart Sling Tub is one of the most comfortable baby baths tubs you can find on the market. This tub is a little over two feet long, 1.5 feet broad, and a foot tall, making it roughly half the length of a regular adult bathtub. It is suitable for newborns from birth to six months (up to 25 pounds).

The bathtub also contains a hook for simple storage on a shower curtain rod or towel bar, as well as a drain for quick water drainage after a bath. A mesh sling may be set up in the bathtub to support a newborn in a full-recline position as well as a baby who is just starting to sit in a partial recline posture. For a baby who can sit up, you can even remove the sling totally.

The sling has two ergonomic positions: one for cradling infants and the other for supporting babies beginning to sit independently. It fastens with two clips and two buckles and is removed when your baby is six months old and ready to sit up. The tub includes a non-slip coating on the interior and a swivel hook for hanging behind the whale’s tail.


  • Easy to bath newborn
  • Light weight and portable
  • Good design and durable
  • Hanging storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Travel friendly
  • Secure and comfy

Last Words

The good thing about baby bath tubs is that there are a lot of them out there and most of them offer the same perks and feature. Regardless if you are into plastic made or inflatable bath tubs, you can always find a baby bath tub that can suit your needs.

If you are into travelling with your family and your baby, an inflatable bath tub will do because it is easy to carry but if you are starting to invest on baby products and things, then go for the best baby bath tub for newborns that your future children can still use – the plastic made ones.


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