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Being Prepared: Four Things to Have in Case of an Every Day Emergency

It’s important to prepare for big emergencies; stockpiling groceries, carrying insurance, and having a backup generator are all great ideas for anyone, and can really save the day in the event of a hurricane or serious illness. But often, we don’t realize that we can also take precautions for little emergencies that crop up during the week– things like a ripped seam or flat


. To help our readers make their lives a little easier, we’ve compiled this list of four of the most helpful products for minor emergencies.

For Medical Emergencies

A good first-aid kit is essential for any car, and ideally, for any purse– even if your emergency is only a scraped knuckle or headache. We like the Coleman Expedition First Aid Kit ($30, for quality and a good variety of first-aid items; but a smaller, pocket- or purse-weight kit is also a great idea. You can also make your own kit using a makeup case or Ziploc bag and a selection of band-aids, antiseptic ointment, pain relievers, and more. Another good idea is to put an out-of-use, but charged, cell phone in your first-aid kit and recharge it weekly; old cell phones will still dial 911, which can be invaluable in a medical emergency.

For Fashion Emergencies

Sagging hemlines, torn seams, and stains, ugh! All of these minor problems become major if you’re on your way to an important lunch or day at work. It’s great to keep a few solutions to these little problems in your glove compartment or backseat. While a sewing kit (or box of safety pins) is an obvious one, another of our favorites is the Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover ($4, drugstores). In a handy pen form, powerful Tide detergents are portable and really work to remove emergency stains. Additionally, non-aerosol hairspray and an extra deodorant stick are fashion essentials that can really save the day!

For Car Emergencies

Driving emergencies are some of the most trying minor emergencies we go through. We suggest that, alongside your tire-iron and spare, you keep a can of Fix-a-Flat ($8, automotive stores). Fix-a-Flat is a wonderful product that temporarily seals a puncture and inflates a tire, allowing you to get back on the road and to a better location for replacing the actual tire. In your glove box or console, keep a copy of your insurance cards, tow truck information, and, if possible, a pre-paid debit card with credit logo, just in case. A small gas can is also a great “just in case” item.

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For Household Emergencies

The most common household emergencies are usually plumbing-related; a clogged sink, a stopped-up toilet, or a slow-draining tub can make your weekend, well, difficult. While there are a myriad of solutions and quick-fixes on the market, we have found that one of the most reliable and necessary products is simply an old-fashioned plunger, which can unclog all of the above without harsh chemicals. That said, we are extremely impressed by Rubbermaid’s new “Clean and Dry Plunger,” with NeverWet technology ($13,, which repels water and bacteria, keeping your home cleaner than ever, even during an emergency.

We hope this list of our favorite “Everyday Emergency” products has been an inspiration for you!

Tricia Borren is a mom and a blogger from Beverly Hills. She co-authored this piece with her friend Rhett Stone.


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