Be Still My Soul, Week 2

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I sincerely hope you have gotten your book, Be Still My Soul by Elisabeth Elliot.  I can not begin to tell you how thought provoking it is.  I pray it changes me from the inside out.  You can get your copy here.   Grab a couple of friends, some coffee, and print off these questions and you’ll have a good time!

Questions for the Introduction, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

1. On page 8 Elliot talks about incarnation. What does this mean to you? Also, what does it mean to you in light of what she says on the same page,

“Even though Jesus may have become invisible to the eyes of people in the world, you and I are quite visible to them and to each other. In us, the world may in fact see God.”

Are we a good picture of this? How can we accomplish this?

2. On page 9 Elliot says, “If we fill up on trivialities or anxieties, we won’t have room in our hearts for Him.” You don’t have to answer this aloud, but is there anyone that might need to get some trivialities and/or anxieties out of the way? Everybody pause for a moment and think on this quote.

3. Does anyone have anything from the Introduction that stood out to you?

4. On pages 16-17 Elliot discusses a roller coaster ride and then she talks about how we as Christians might not have signed up for the ride had we known the outcome. She says there are many times that we will look over our shoulder, like the Israelites, longing for “leeks, the onions, and the garlic”. Why do you think this is true? Has it happened in your life? If so, please share.

5. On page 18 she says, “As we loose hold on visible things, the invisible ones become more precious.” Have you gotten to this place in your life? What are some of the invisible things you treasure?

6. The most convicting sentence in these chapters this week, to me, is found on page 23 when she says, “God is much more interested in making us holy than He is in getting a job done.” Have you had to lay aside your agenda this week, or ever, to be obedient to something He has called you to do? Do you do it with joy or with resentment?

7. Is there anything else from chapter 1 that stuck out to you? If so, please share.

8. On Page 31, the second paragraph begins with, “If His Lordship…”. Read this paragraph silently. Do we really believe this? Really? How would/are our lives different when we are walking in this wisdom?

9. Psalm 16:5 says, “Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup and have made my lot secure.” What is your “lot”? Do you believe that God uses all of this and that with every turn in the road we are stepping into His everlasting arms more securely? (Page 35 end of top paragraph.)

10. Look at the last section of the chapter titled, “Get to the Root”. As a group go over the three most common sources or our problems. Do you think these are true?

Now, look at the next page with the six choices that lead to acceptance. Go over these as a group. How will you live differently this week with this wisdom? How will your day to day life be different? How can you set your mind?

11. Anything else from chapter 2 or anything we’ve read this week?




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