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If there’s anything that rolls around before we’re even ready for it, it always seems to be Christmas and Back to School season, doesn’t it? I mean, how many times have we been caught off guard when these two seasons come around??

I’m super excited to have partnered with Zazzle again to bring you these awesome back to school items! I swear, these guys always have the best things on hand no matter what the occasion is (seriously, check out my previous blog posts!).

First off, can we talk about how cute this notebook is?

I love the simple design. I actually changed the text to say something that I remind myself daily:

“It ain’t gotta be perfect.”

Unless you’re taking a midterm or final exam, then yes, it better be perfect! But everything else? Just do it. If it needs revisions, then tweak it as you go. I’ve learned that if you keep aiming to make things perfect in life, you’ll never get stuff done!

The notebook is super sturdy (aka “amazing quality”) and I love the spiral spine feature because sometimes when I’m sitting at one of those small desks (y’know, the ones that are connected to the chair and can fold up and down to allow you to easily get in and out of your seat? Yeah, that one), it’s convenient to fold the pages backward to allow more room for writing.

Okay, so you’re gonna need something to write in this awesome notebook, right? How about some cute watermelon pencils?!

Zazzle has a HUGE selection of pencils! No need to worry about someone stealing your pencils. You’ll be able to easily identify which one is yours by the cute design on it! Even though Zazzle gives the option of designing your own (super cool, btw), I opted for the watermelon design because seriously – have you ever seen a watermelon pencil before?

Why aren’t my pencils sharpened you ask? Well, to be completely honest, they don’t fit in my electric pencil sharpener! LOL! These pencils are just a teeny bit larger than your standard yellow pencil (but not by much). I was trying to find y manual pencil sharpener (y’know, the one with the dual sizes), but Aria must’ve added it to her toy collection somewhere…

Finally, I’m saving the best for last. I LOVE these tanks!!!

Since introducing Aria to the movie, Zootopia, we’ve probably watched it 18 times as of today. #NotExaggerating  I saw the tank in white and decided to go wild and get hot pink (oh yeah!). And you know what? I LOVE IT!!

I immediately knew that I had to get it because that’s one of my favorite quotes from the movie! (Raise your hand if you’ve seen it!) If only I could get my hands on the carrot pen… I’d be set!!

Btw, can you see my 29 week pregnant belly? Sorta? Cool.

Click here to check out the Hustle tank, and here for the Straight Outta Debt tank!

And I never thought I’d be one to own one of those “Straight Outta ______” shirts, but since I was able to personalize this one, I knew I had to jump at the opportunity.

See, I started a course called Smarter Moms Money Academy where I personally teach college graduate moms who have student loan debt how to pay off their student loans in months, not years! When I graduated from college in 2006, I had $40,000 of student loan debt. I put it on autopay for many years (my bank gave me a 0.25% discount for doing so) and sometimes it was so difficult to even make the minimum payment so I had to defer some payments.

There were a few times when I checked my balances and it infuriated me to see that my balances were higher than the original amounts I’d borrowed! That’s when I decided to do some research and finally found a way to pay off my student loans in just 3 months without working any overtime or picking up a second job!

If you’re interested, check out my course here!

Zazzle is having an AWESOME Back To School Sale going on until August 21, 2016! Get 30% off everything Back To School by using the code: ZBIGDEALFORU at checkout!


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